Split, Croatia - All you need to know

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May 21, 2023
Split, Croatia - All you need to know

The largest city in Dalmatia, surrounded by the sea but on the land. Split is a city where history collides with nightlife, and no matter what you’re into, Split has something to offer.

It is hard to choose just a few things to mention so we are bringing you a summary of all you need to know about Split.

History of Split

Split area was inhabited by the Greek colonies, but the story of Split starts 1,700 years ago when Roman Emperor Diocletian built the Palace on the peninsula near the great Roman city Salona. This Palace later turned into a city and is now, together with the historical core of Split, listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Split was ruled by many hands from the Croatian Kings, through the Hungarian and Venetian administrations, to the French rulers and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


You can simply have a walk through the city and see the changes in rulers through history by having a look at the architecture.

Except walking through the center where the emperors themselves walked and see the Peristyle, the middle-aged Romanesque Church and Gothic Palace, Renaissance portals, Baroque facades, there is so much more to Split’s architecture than ancient history.

Don’t miss Poljud Stadium, home of HNK Hajduk football club, designed by architect Boris Magaš in 1979; or Split 3 a city residential complex from the late 1960s.

Top 5 things to do in Split

It doesn’t matter at what time of the year you come to Split, there is an event happening or an interesting activity you can do.

Blue Lagoon trip

During the day you can book a trip to the Blue Lagoon a breath-taking scenery with crystal clear water where you can swim, snorkel or simply relax.

Game of Thrones tour

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, we recommend you find Game of Thrones filming locations, and take a picture of the replica of the Iron Throne.

Split zipline

Split is a beautiful city, and we believe that there is more than one perspective from which you should admire it. So, if you are up for a little adrenaline, you should try zip-line, and enjoy beautiful views of Split, Dalmatia inland, and the Adriatic Sea.


You know what they say: a bad day at sailing is a hundred times better than a good day at work. To escape the everyday life and the city crowds, and see Split from the seaside, together with other amazing islands nearby we highly recommend sailing.

Wine tour

After swimming and a full day of activity, there is no better thing than to have a glass of wine (or more than one). 

Split being in the center of Dalmatia gives you a perfect opportunity to try the best wines of whole Dalmatia, and no better thing to pair the wine with than with some olives and pršut.

National Parks

Even though Split is a location that you can explore for days, if you want to explore natural beauties, we recommend seeing some of the nearby national parks. Krka national park named after the river Krka is full of beautiful viewpoints and stunning waterfalls which were created by travertine barriers, islands, and lakes, but is also rich in cultural and historical monuments. 

The Plitvice lake is the most famous, oldest, and largest national park in Croatia. It consists of 16 lakes named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading. The park is open all year and it is hard to decide if the waterfalls are more beautiful when frozen or during summer. Go see it and decide for yourself.

The area of National Park Paklenica in just under 100 square km hides true gems. This national park is a definition of intact nature full of impressive high peaks with stunning views, deep gorges, and palaeontological sites.

Food and Wine in Split

Split being the place where a lot of cultures are encountered has left an imprint on culinary and gastronomy as well. We recommend you start with a dalmatian plater – pršut, cheese, and olives, or simply sardines with some lemon. Dalmatian black risotto, made with cuttlefish ink, is a must-try. 

Stews are a popular dish in Dalmatia and Split. You can either try brudet – a sea stew made with fish and all sorts of seafood, or pašticada – slow cooked beef stew, made with prunes, panceta, and the sweet dessert wine prošek, which gives this dish a distinctive flavor. You cannot choose wrong either way.

To make a good dinner a great one, try Dalmatian wines. This is a great moment to try some wines you cannot try anywhere in the world and to pair it with local and fresh ingredients. If you want to have a glass of wine with a view visit one of the wineries. Sunsets at the vineyard are something special.

Split’s Culture and Tradition

If you are in Split during swimming season, make sure you go to Bačvice beach and try picigin - a beach game invented in Split, the aim of the game being to keep the ball out of the water for as long as possible. But locals play picigin even in winter, if you are brave try playing, if not find the nearest bar and watch locals play in the freezing sea because the long coffee break in the sun is also a traditional sport in Split.

Split has one of a kind museum in Croatia - Diocletian's dream. The VR technology will show you the Diocletian Palace and will take you back in time and where you can experience the palace as it was more than 1700 years ago.

Or you can visit Meštrović Gallery which is dedicated to the preservation, research, and promotion of the work and life of Ivan Meštrović – who was Croatia’s prominent sculptor, painter, architect, and writer.

Nightlife in Split

Split is not only a historical site. This is the city where history meets modern life and is known for its amazing nightlife. You can start your night by having cocktails at one of many beach bars, and then continue to Riva and have an evening stroll, then after 1:00 AM move to one of many clubs just a 20-minute walk from the old town.

Want to party in the very heart of Split? You have to visit the Central Club. Two floors, 800 square meters, four bars, and an impressive dance floor is right what you need to have the best night.

If you are in Split during July do not miss on ULTRA music festival! A week full of EDM, house, techno, and trance parties. The party during that week doesn’t stop. There is Beachville camping which takes place at the Galeb campsite, and different accommodations are available, with parties happening all day. 

Ultra Europe Boat Parties where you can sail and party in the beautiful Split archipelago, or simply evening main events with serious line-ups and do-not-miss performances.


Split is a city with many gems - beautiful sea, impressive history, amazing nightlife, and remarkable gastronomy scene. You should take a separate vacation just to visit Split, there are so many things to do and try. 

However, if you have just a day or two from a busy work trip, arrange a private jet charter to Split, and have a share of relaxing time and good food with a stunning view. We promise you won’t regret it!

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