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Private Jet Charter & Hire in Croatia

You can travel anywhere in the world with our private jet charters. Some of the most popular destinations include Europe, the United States, and China. Our fleet of private aircraft can cater to any short or long-haul trip. You don’t need to make a capital investment or pay monthly fees to hire our new aircraft.

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Private Jet Charter & Hire in Croatia

A perfect balance of performance and economy, the Falcon 2000 satisfies all the requirements of a modern business jet. This aircraft is powerful and efficient, with an impressive cabin.

Range: 3,500 nm / 6,482 km
gulfstream g500

With the G500, Gulfstream strikes an optimal balance of speed, maneuverability and comfort that helps passengers maximize every minute of their travel time.

Range: 4343 nm / 68045 km
bombardier challenger 350

The Challenger 350 is an optimally balanced aircraft designed to provide a smooth ride from takeoff to touchdown. It also possesses superior range and a large cabin.

Range: 3,200 nm / 5,926 km
bombardier learjet 35

The cabin of the Learjet 75 business jet is in a class of its own, designed for ultimate comfort and privacy. Step up into an unmatched light jet experience.

Range: 3,500 nm / 6,482 km
private jet catering croatia

World Class Sky Catering

We also offer world-class sky catering services, and these can complement your flights perfectly. All these meals are prepared by renowned chefs and come with the finest wines in the country. The ingredients are all fresh and locally sourced. With the sky catering service, you will get the full luxury experience when travelling on your private jet.

Airfield Transfer Croatia

Private Airfield Transfers

When you hire our luxury chauffeur service, we will drive you from your premises to the airstrip. This way, you will be able to board your private jet in good time. The private airfield transfer service will also ensure that you get back to your hotel room from your private jet. The drivers are professional and will exceed your expectations.

Jet Charter in Croatia

We have a large fleet of aircraft and are ready to hire them out for a luxury flight. You can get the private jets with as little as 24 hours’ notice. The private jets also have a luxurious finished cabin, where you can get everything you need for work and entertainment.

With our service, you can fly on demand. We also offer guaranteed availability for a fixed cost, and on the flight, you will enjoy customized and bespoke services. This will guarantee you an exceptional private jet charter. We also choose the products keenly to make sure they meet your expectations. These products include linens, blankets, and food.


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