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Concierge Services in Croatia

When visiting Croatia, make use of our exclusive concierge services that are guaranteed to facilitate your needs. Our first class services allow you to focus on your priorities while we take care of the rest. Enhance your experience in Croatia.

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Chauffeur Service Welcome Center Croatia

Chauffeur Services

At Welcome Center Croatia, we have an excellent chauffeur service that can take care of all your travel needs.
We are based in Croatia and provide a bespoke chauffeur service. That means you will be able to get around the country 24/7.

We offer the highest level of comfort and will give you luxurious rides around the country.The routes are selected carefully to ensure that all our clients arrive on time for their leisure activities and business meetings.

concierge service croatia

Lifestyle Management

Our lifestyle management service will help you enjoy peace of mind as you travel to Croatia. This will allow you to focus on more pressing matters.
Before we organize the lifestyle management service, we will get you to conduct an extensive interview with our lifestyle manager.

This interview is meant to give us a better understanding of your needs so that we can customize the service. If you are travelling with your family, we will take the time to get acquainted with the members of the family. Again, this is meant to help us anticipate your short-term and long-term needs.

concierge service croatia

Personal Assistance

We provide personal assistance services to our global clients.

We help them keep time and organize their tasks, ensuring that they maintain high levels of productivity all the time.

To do this, we use our on-site and virtual administration solutions.

We have a team of personal assistants who are able to ensure the timely completion of all your tasks and responsibilities. 

concierge service croatia

Procurement Services

We have a concierge service that can help you get exclusive information, get professional contacts, and share unique ideas. We have made partnerships with hundreds of companies and are able to leverage these contacts when providing procurement services. With our procurement assistance services, you can get quality connections with designers, producers, celebrities, and business executives. At Welcome Center Croatia, we can also give you advice and enhance your connections for collaborative projects.

With our service, you will enjoy exciting experiences, high-quality meals, luxury services, and exotic products. We understand the market deeply and also know our customers’ needs. This allows us to create customized experiences for our clients.

concierge service croatia

Delivering Unique Experiences

You can contact us for unique experiences, private celebrity performances, and luxurious stays in any part of the world. Our concierge services are experienced in creating unique experiences for clients, and we can also customize solutions for people in all parts of the world.

We have a deep understanding of the market and customers and can tailor your experiences to suit your requirements.

At Welcome Center Croatia, we also handle premium travel services, real estate services, yachts, luxurious charter services, and procurement services.


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