The Best Sports Activities While Staying In Croatia

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July 12, 2022
The Best Sports Activities While Staying In Croatia

Opposed to many overpopulated big countries, this small Mediterranean pearl will seduce any tourist, wanderer, or adventure seeker with its simple, and relaxing lifestyle, open and friendly people, unspoiled nature, tasty, yet healthy cuisine, and rich culture. Croatia is a small crescent-shaped country located in southeastern Europe on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

It’s a very popular destination for nature lovers thanks to its beautiful and diverse geographical characteristics. These include both mountains and highlands, as well as flat plains, while rich coastline counts more than 1200 islands, isles, and inlets, all filled with clean, secluded beaches. Given that Croatia has so specific and diverse geographical and climate features, it’s an ideal choice for active tourism. While on vacation here, you will have a wide range of options regarding land or water sports activities. Find out how to make the most of what Croatia has to offer – from sea depths, wild rivers, mountain peaks, and soothing plains.


diving in croatia

If you are a passionate diver, you already know that diving brings you the opportunity to get to know the mysterious sea full of secrets and curiosities. Whether you’d like to embark on this adventure to catch fish or explore the numerous sunken ships and other wrecks, the Adriatic coast will surely leave you breathless.

Although you won’t regret going diving on any location on the Croatian coast, we suggest visiting the wreck of the Austro-Hungarian ship called Baron Gautsch near Rovinj, the system of caves called Katedrala (Cathedral) on the island of Premuda, and Kampanel near Sali town on the island of Dugi Otok.


sailing in croatia

Sailing is a very popular water sport in Croatia, and when it comes to sports awards, our hard-working sailors promote our country with great accomplishments. Croatian indented coast offers a handful of beautiful locations for sailing.

Whether you want to rent a sailboat with or without a skipper, you will have a wonderful time exploring the Croatian seaside.

You can rent a sailboat all over our coast, so you can simply choose which corner of the Croatian coast you’re most attracted to exploring and embark on an adventure. Sunbathing on the deck is tempting, but keep in mind that the sun is deceptive so prepare your skin for ultraviolet rays – have sunscreen in your purse and wear light clothing that covers most of your skin.


rafting in croatia

Among the numerous rafting locations in Croatia, we single out the canyon of the river Cetina near Omiš, the canyon of Zrmanja, and the river Mrežnica.

The length of the river suitable for rafting in these locations is between 11 and 15 kilometers.

If you want quiet rafting during which you can dedicate yourself to admiring the landscape, go rafting during warm summer days.

If you prefer a bit more extreme and exciting rafting, go on this activity when the river water level is high – in spring and autumn.

Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing in croatia

If you love staying in nature and meeting new people, hiking is something you should try.

Mountains such as Velebit, Biokovo, and Mosor will provide you with a stunning view and the Mediterranean climate will allow you to hike at almost any time of the year.

However, be responsible and do not create additional work for HGSS.

When hiking, wear appropriate clothing and footwear and bring enough food and water.

Rock Climbing

rock climbing in croatia

Rock climbing is a demanding sport and as mountain climbing, it requires appropriate clothing and footwear.

One of the most famous places to go rock climbing is Paklenica near Zadar, where climbers can find single-pitch and multi-pitch sport routes.

We also recommend Omiš – the rocks above the city are accessible from several sides, so climbing in shade is possible in summer because it is possible to climb in a direction not exposed to the sun.

It’s also worth mentioning Novalja on Pag and Rovinj, which has trails suitable for beginners and children.


cycling in croatia

Cycling has become very popular in Croatia in recent years and there is almost no city or place that has a suitable terrain for this activity and doesn’t offer the opportunity to rent a bike.

However, if you choose a vacation location according to the convenience of cycling, the top places in Croatia are:

Međimurje, Biograd, Ludbreg, Hvar, Istria...


skiing in croatia

If you’re a lover of winter sports, pay a visit to Sljeme Ski Resort, located just 10 km from the Zagreb city center, in Medvednica Nature Park.

Professional skiers participate in an annual event called Snow Queen Trophy.

Slopes and runs on Sljeme Ski Resort are also accessible to non-professional skiers, so everyone can enjoy winter sports.

Other than Sljeme, the most famous Croatian ski resorts are Bjelolasica, Platak, Begovo Razdovlje, Petehovac, Tršće, and Omanovac.


zipline in croatia

Croatia is a small country, but a perfect destination for a phenomenal adrenaline vacation.

Take off under expert guidance above Plitvice, the Cetina canyon above Omiš, watch from height the beauty of Istria

Zipline in Lika called Pazi medo has a length of 1700 m and a descent speed of more than 12 km/h, which makes it one of the fastest ziplines in Europe. It’s quite close to Plitvice National Park, Northern Velebit, and river Gacka. Close to the city Omiš, you can enjoy a zipline above the canyon of the Cetina river, which lasts around 2,5 hours and offers an amazing view of beautiful nature surrounding the Cetina river.

In addition to all of the above, Croatia offers options for a handful of activities that may interest you, such as kayaking, horseback riding, speleology, air sports, bungee jumping, etc. Whether you are a lover of nature, the depths of the sea, or you’d like to enjoy a view over Biokovo and Vidova gora from the air, with the help of parachutes and paragliders, Croatia is a paradise for active tourism and adrenaline lovers. There are numerous opportunities for fun and active vacation, all within the borders of this small, yet beautiful country, Croatia.

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