5 Epic Cycling Trails In Croatia

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March 15, 2023
5 Epic Cycling Trails In Croatia

Croatia is among Europes most visited tourist destinations. Each year, this country receives thousands of international visitors visit various locations in this country. These visitors end up relishing incredible sites and activities. While every visit provides a unique experience for the tourists, perhaps one of the most incredible idea is exploring the country on a bike. This is because Coatia is endowed with numerous trails for cycling on mountain bikes. There are numerous options, from the asphalted roads to the Macadam field trails creating family sightseeing. There are options for various people’s tastes and cycling prowess.

While visiting Croatia, you can also ride through beautiful landscapes in such places as natural parks like Kopacki Rit in Slavonia. You can also follow the several gastro and wine routes, which will take you through beautiful vineyards or relish a unique bike ride on a catamaran to relish one of the most memorable visits to the Croatian islands.

From Istria, the most popular cycling peninsula in Croatia, over the forested Kvarner fragrant island, the highlands of Gorski Kotar, historical Lika-Karlovac roads, the beautiful Dinaric Karst mountains, to the fantastic Dalmatian coast, the options are endless.

Five Epic Croatian Cycling Trails

Below are five of the top Croatian cycling trails that you should explore when visiting the country;

1. Escape The Crown And Head To The Medvenica Nature Park

The nature park is located twenty minutes from Zagreb. The land in this destination climbs to 1000 m, providing a natural heaven for road and MTB adventure cycling. If you are tired of the crowds in the city, the Medvednica Nature Park is the place to go. You can cycle up and down the 1000 m climb within an hour and get back to your activities in the city.

2. Cycle Along The Medimurje Road Of Gold

Medimurje is the smallest and most northern county. It is also known as the home to gold panning and its first oil well. The location features dozens of branded and marked trails. The major wine-producing region is also known for its cycling activities. Through cycling or biking, visitors can experience its primary attractions while getting in some exercise.

3. Bike To Ludbreg; The Centre Of The World

Ludbreg is one of the fascinating destinations in Croatia. It claims to be the official centre of the world. Therefore, cycling to the centre of the world would be a fantastic experience. There are incredible cycling routes in this area. The oldest and the most common one is the Drava Route. The route features an 8-km course following the river Drava. It goes through many picturesque and fascinating villages in the Drava basin lowlands.

4. Cycle By The River Roads In Continental Croatia

If you are looking for some water to accompany your ride, Continental Croatia is the place to go. The destination is rich in rivers and great training routes for pro road racers. You can start your ride in Varazdin or Cakovec along the Drava River and Mura estuary towards Koprivinica, Pitomaca, Virovitica, Valpovo, Osijek, and end your ride in Vukovar. The ride should cover around 300 km and is one of the most interesting things you could do in Croatia.

5. Cycle In The World Of Waterfalls

The World of Waterfalls, known in short as WOW, is one of Croatia’s most amazingly beautiful places. The destination hosts the Plitvice Lakes. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is regarded as Croatia’s symbol of beauty. The site is visited by millions of people annually. While not many of these people cycle to the destination, the area around the Plitvice Lakes National Park features bike trails for all levels of cyclists. Cycling on these trails will lead you to some hidden sites that most tourists do not get to visit. You can make the cycling trip a day to remember by starting from Karlobac over the pre-motorway mountainous routes via Josipdol. This is a 70km route. You can also ride to the national park and take a break as you take in the beautiful trails.

EuroVelo International Biking Trails In Croatia

Croatia is involved in the Eurovelo network of cycling routes that connect all conners of the European continent. You will come across 17 different cycling routes cutting accorss over 42 European countries. These trails cover over 90,000 planned kilometres, giving tourists a unique way of exploaring various destinations in Europe on multiday journeys. Locals also take these routes for everyday biking and cycling activities. There are four routes in the EuroVelo international cycling routes that pass through Croatia;

  • EuroVelo 6 route, also known as the Danube Route or the Atlantic Ocean - Black Sea route
  • EuroVelo 8 route, also called the Mediterranean Route
  • EuroVelo 9 route, commonly referred to as the Baltic – Adriatic Sea route
  • EuroVelo 13 route, also known as the Iron Curtain Trail

Take on the cycling trails of Croatia to explore picturesque landscapes, parks and water bodies. You can challenge your limits and take on the exciting reviving the stages of Tour of Croatia. The five stages are Np Plitvice-Ucka, Makarska-Split, Sibenik-Zadar, Pula-Umag, and Saint Martin-Zagreb. The demanding yet astonishingly attractive route is also across the National Parks like Krka and Plitvice. You will also cross Nature Parks like Ucka, Biokovo, and Velebit on your journey.

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