Hiking in Croatia in 2024

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February 9, 2024
Hiking in Croatia in 2024

What better way to enjoy nature than a breathtaking hike across the Croatian karstic mountains, rocky terrains, and grassland? Walking and cycling through these lush forests and the final panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea and environs is immensely satisfying. Croatia is the ultimate hiking and travel destination for you. There are over 400 varying routes that you can explore. They vary in difficulty so that beginners can take more accessible paths like Zagreb and Ogulin, while experts can take the Velebit, Učka, or Dinara paths.

Croatian Mountains

Croatian mountains are a hiker’s paradise with fascinating and varying landscapes, attracting hikers and mountaineers worldwide. From meadow-carpeted alpine uplands to gorges, caves, and forests, you will have quite the adventure. This is mainly thanks to the serenity and favorable conditions for the wildlife.

There are marked over 6000km of trails on these mountains. They do not exceed 2000 meters but are accessible and provide you with bravura and splendid viewpoints. Regions such as Lika, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Zagreb, Gorski Kotar, and Istria make up the best hiking regions in Croatia.

Gorski Kotar

Whether you want to go hiking, mountain biking, or climbing, Primorje-Gorski Kotar is your ideal location. Commonly referred to as the 'green heart of Croatia,' this part of the country boasts beautiful nature thanks to the forests, mountain ranges such as Velika Kapela, and the perfect touch of wildlife. This will be the perfect way to relax your mind by exploring the canyons, rivers, and lakes present.

Situated in the western part of Croatia and well-connected with Croatia's capital, you can easily access it by car. Depending on the time of the year you visit, it is essential to ensure that you have the right gear for each season, especially winter and summer. After your hiking escapade, you can relish the unique and fantastic food in Gorski Kotar. Stew would be a great delicacy.


The Croatian shore is where every one of the most remarkable and most excellent mountains is situated, giving the best outlooks - Učka and Ćićarija in Istria, Obruč and Snježnik in the Croatian Littoral Region, Velebit, and the mountains of Dalmatia - Kozjak, Mosor, Omiška Dinara, Biokovo. Somewhat further from the ocean are Svilaja, Promina, Kamešnica, and Dinara. According to its size, magnificence, and wealth of intriguing destinations, Velebit has a specific significance among Croatian mountains. Velebit is additionally the longest Croatian mountain (140 km). It is such a great way to explore Croatian civilization.

Island Mountains

Ocean views have a strikingly calming and therapeutic effect on our bodies. Climbing Island Mountains is magnificent. This is because the splendid view of the sea and coastal mountains you get once you reach the peak are worthwhile. These trails can get you to the best Adriatic islands such as Brač, Cres, Hvar, and Lošinj,

Best Hiking trails


Located in the Istria region, Northwestern Croatia, this nature Park oozes diverse flora ad a beautiful rural landscape. There is something for everyone in its vast array of trails. For instance, you can enjoy the artistic installations on the Land Art Trail in the forest. You can also access the beautiful Vela Draga Valley through a geological-educational trail. Moreover, there are many resting places with great shades, such as the chestnut forest, where you can rest.

Hiking is ideal for both your mental and physical health. The mountain is 1400 meters above sea level; thus, the right amount of hard work and input is required. If you love nature, you will enjoy exploring the park as it has many wild aspects. These are the wild pigs, woodpeckers, deer, and beech trees. This is one of the unique seaside mountains since it has immense vegetation, attributed to a massive amount of precipitation.

The park is ideal, especially if you’re a beginner at hiking. Most people fear getting lost or injured doing the hike. Učka, however, has short and well-marked trails that lead to the parking lot. So in case of anything, you can always be sure of getting back safely. Regardless of which route or corner of the park you decide to explore, you are guaranteed breathtaking views and a unique experience. If you manage to reach the Vojak’s stone tower, you will get a splendid view (360⁰ panoramic view) of the Kvaerner islands, Platak and Rijeka.


Croatia is the ideal travel destination, especially if you intend to take a break from the daily buzz of city life. Risnjak, in particular, is the ideal space for you to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. This park is often overlooked due to its distance from civilization but is idyllic due to its incredible beauty.

The park has excellent biodiversity with various animals inhabiting the area, such as lynx and bears and over 4000plant species. The over 500 species of butterflies that are magical to look at and experience are even more striking. Adventurous, right? The hike is better during summer as it is short and never extremely hot. Of interest to most hikers is the peak of Veiki Risjnak, 1528 meters high. The walk is 3 hours long, helping you sweat off the extras while relaxing and taking in the fresh air. Getting to the peak gives you a fantastic view of okvarsko lake, Bjelolasica, Krk, and Učka.

You can take different trails, such as the Leski, which is a 4.4km circular educational path. Another hiking trail you might love is the Kupa River Valley is very striking and tremendously picturesque. You can even go cycling in the park to access the gears and bikes in the park.

Northern Velebit

From Zavižan to Rožanski kukovi using the Premužić trail
The Velebit Mountain is the longest in the Dinaride mountain range. The mountain is so rich in nature that it was declared a nature park. Later it was added to UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves in the program's network, Man and the Biosphere.
The primary starting points are the  Zavižan, Alan, and Mrkvište mountain lodges. Beginning at the basin Zavižan, there are pioneered mountain trails prompting the highest points Veliki Zavižan (an hour's rising), Balinovac (a 30 minutes' rising), Vučjak (over the mountain top), Zavižanski Pivčevac and Mali Rajinac (2-3 hours of getting over).

All things considered, the most beautiful visit is the one along the Premužić trail towards the core of Rožanski and Hajdučki Kukovi. This remarkable rough scene is safeguarded as a severe hold, the strictest type of nature security in Croatia. The Premužić trail is undoubtedly the loveliest strolling trail in Croatia. It is known for allowing those with a lower level of actual wellness to track down their direction effectively through the most delightful pieces of Velebit.

In addition to the mentioned places, the most appealing areas in the public park are Alan and Veliki Lubenovac. The region, along with the Veliki Alan (1414 m), one of the main Velebit saddles, thrills with its excellence of field, lush valleys, and inclines above which pleasant mountain ridges rise gladly. Near Alan, there is Mirovo - mountain settlement and today immense field with apparent remaining parts of stone dividers and old summer cabins. A charming comparative view is presented by the karst valley Veliki Lubenovac, above which one can appreciate the white rocks of Vel, making it worth the visit.

Southern Velebit-Paklenica

Where Velebit approaches the ocean with profound gorges of Velika and Mala Paklenica in a novel manner is one of the fascinating karst regions in Croatia. The National Park extends over 95 km² on the southern Velebit slopes. It incorporates gorge, wonderful nature, astonishing scenes, and rich biodiversity. Making it even better is that the climbing trails in the National Park structure a piece of a more extended climbing trail (Velebit climbing trail) that stretches from the National Park Northern Velebit to Paklenica over around 100 km. The temperatures in this region are conducive for hikes all year round.


Being the second-largest mountain in Croatia, Biokovo is an excellent place for you to hike and hit an achievable goal. The highest peak is St Jure, 1762 meters high, emerging from the sea, thus giving you great views of the coast. It is a fun adventure as there are caves, pits, and scrubs that are very interesting to explore. Whether the weather is entirely favorable, you can even see the Monte Gargano in Italy, the Bosnian and Herzegovinian mountains.

Although this mountain is the most beautiful Dalmatian mountain, it is worth noting that it is thethe harshest as well. This is due to its rockiness, making it challenging to get to the top. However, the paths are well marked with the hardness levels, from medium to hard. Therefore, you will be able to select a route that best works for you. However, you should have a good level of fitness due to the steepness and strenuousness of the mountain. In addition, ensure you are well equipped for this lengthy and very demanding hike.

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