The 3 Best Places To Play Golf In Croatia

updated on
July 12, 2022
The 3 Best Places To Play Golf In Croatia

Golfing in Croatia is one of the most fascinating ways of spending your holiday in Europe. Thanks to its natural beauty, summer sunshine, and beautiful waters, Croatia has always been a favorite holiday destination. The Istria region is a perfect destination for Croatian golf holidays since it’s home to the spectacular Kempinski Adriatic Resort.

Despite the small number of golf courses, Croatia is a significant golf destination. Apart from the golf course in Brijuni National Park and private courses, there are a few courses in Croatia with 18 holes. Take your time off, walk through the fields as you enjoy the great view of the countryside and the climate. Thankfully, there’s still a lot you can do in Croatia on top of golf. You can visit some vineyards, go shopping, or go sailing. Keep reading this guide to get a review of the best golf courses in Croatia.

When is it Ideal to Play Golf in Croatia?

You can go for a golfing holiday in Croatia all year round, thanks to the Mediterranean climate. The climate is mostly mild and temperate, providing a cool atmosphere that’s perfect for playing golf. You should book your Croatian golfing holiday between October and March because that’s when the weather is more favourable. Avoid booking in summer, especially during the months of July and August, because temperatures can be high.

Top 3 Golf Courses in Croatia

Croatia is home to several golf courses, but this guide will only cover the top 3 golf courses in the region. These courses include:

Golf & Country Club Zagreb

This Riverside Golf course is in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. It has two main courses; the Executive course and the Championship course. The latter is 6.415km long and has 18 holes. Here you’ll find about 11 lakes, a substantial challenge for newbie golfers. At the same time, experienced golfers can achieve great results, thanks to the landscape. The Championship course is designed as per the standards of the Professional Golf Association (PGA). It’s actually on the list of top golf courses in the world.

The Executive course is 1.558km long and has 9 holes. Three of these holes are PAR 4, while the remaining 6 holes are PAR 3, creating a significant challenge for beginners and well-experienced golfers. The golf course is surrounded by a forest, and it’s covered by sand, grass bunkers, and lateral water hazards. These features help you connect with nature while creating a suitable golfing environment. 

Kempinski Golf Club Adriatic

The Kempinski Golf Club Adriatic is located in the Istria region, and it’s an ideal club for a golfing holiday in Croatia. It is a sensational 18-hole championship course, 6.36km long and PAR 72. The golf course is open all year long so that you can book your holiday at any time. Every hole has 5 tee positions descriptively named Vineyard, Olive tree, Seaview, and Romantic Church. Each hole offers unique scenery and landscape. In its entirety, the golf course has an intriguing and challenging layout that adds thrill as you play golf. The layout is summed up by the well-placed water bunkers and greens, giving the course a vegetation-filled look that blends into the Mediterranean region.

Brijuni golf course

The golf course is on the Brijuni islands and has been around since 1922. The golf course is on the north-eastern part of the island, 5.492km long, with 18 holes, PAR 71, SSS 71. Unlike other clubs, the Brujini golf courseis open to all persons, including recreational golfers and professionals. One of the most attractive things about the Brijuni golf course is its unique atmosphere. Being on an island, the course is surrounded by magical nature. It’s an eco-friendly course because the grass is maintained naturally – there is no watering, it all depends on the weather conditions. The area offers a lot of peace and tranquility so that you can relax in between or after your golfing session. The course provides what a golfer might need, including clubs, swings, and different forms of entertainment.

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