Pula Croatia - all you need to know

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May 21, 2023
Pula Croatia - all you need to know

Are you looking for a great vacation destination? Then look no further; Pula Croatia, is the perfect holiday destination. Pula is among the top vacation destinations that Croatia has to offer. There are lots of fun activities you can take part in, not forgetting the magnificent scenery ranging from the breathtaking beaches to the magnificent historical sites that bring Pula history to life.

Truly Pula has everything that you’ll ever wish for in a vacation.

When To Visit Pula

If you decide to visit Pula, the best time to do so is during the summer months. Summer in Pula usually spans from June to August. During these months, you can enjoy the festivals, beautiful sunsets and beaches since the temperatures are usually above 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit).

What Makes Pula Stand Out

Since Pula is located on the Adriatic Sea, you are assured of a relaxing vacation with access to beautiful beaches, and the weather is always pleasant all year. Pula has plenty of restaurants and shops for a small town that will offer you a peak into the beautiful Croatian culture.

A Pula holiday isn’t complete without a visit to some of Croatia’s historical landmarks within Pula. Pula is a very historical town that will give you a deeper insight into how the ancient civilization used to live, especially if you are looking for a historical vacation. One historical landmark in Pula Croatia is the amphitheater that hosted gladiator fights where the gladiators fought to the death in front of adoring fans.

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Can I Get to Pula by Plane?

Of course, you can get to Pula by plane. Pula Croatia, is accessible by plane from multiple European cities like London, Paris and Rome, where you can get direct flights to Pula. The city center and the airport aren't that far since the journey lasts about 20 minutes.

There are plenty of direct flights for international travellers, especially from the UK and the US. Once you are at the airport, you can use our private chauffeur services that can pick you up and drop you right at your apartment or hotel.

What To Do During Your Pula Holiday

1. The ancient city walls: want to learn about pula history? Then these walls are the true definition of pula history. Built by the Romans about 250 BC and reinforced with other parts during the Middle Ages. These walls are a marvel of engineering such that some original structures like towers and bridges are still standing to date.

2. The amphitheater: built by the Romans in 27 BC. During the Roman era, this amphitheater used to host gladiator fights, but it now serves as a venue for cultural events and concerts. Once you are done with these activities, you can check out the other activities we have recommended below!

discover Pula by walking around

*The temple of Jupiter: another magnificent piece of pula history. The Romans built this temple in the 2nd century BC as a dedication to the king of the gods Jupiter. The temple is located in the Forum square; hence it's visible when walking around town.

*The temple of Augustus: one of the best preserved and famous monuments in Pula. The temple of Augustus is one of Croatia’s tallest structures with a height of 35 meters, and it measures about 45 by 28 meters. The temple is huge and visible from the top of the hill.

Places To Eat While in Pula

Pula is a very diverse town with a beautiful fusion of cultures allowing you to find any food from any part of the world. While in Pula, you’ll discover that there are plenty of eateries around for a small town, with some being more touristy. For the best food in Pula, we recommend seasoned establishments rather than new restaurants and cafes.

For local delicacies, we recommend jota (a stew made with beans). Also, before the end of your Pula holiday, make sure that you visit the local butchers and bakeries.

If you want to experience eating outside between olive trees with a view of a small family vineyard, we recommend you go to Konoba Vorichi.

The main aim of vacationing is to try new experiences. If you prefer familiar experiences after a long day exploring the beautiful Croatian scenery and beaches, you can opt for pizza or pasta, which aren't stressful to make.

Best Luxurious Accommodations in Pula

Pula Croatia is one of the most magnificent places to be on earth. The town is so versatile that it can cater for any of your destination needs, be it a romantic getaway, business trip or family vacation.

There are many luxurious Hotels or Villas in Pula, but we strongly recommend the Exclusive Adults Only Chevalier Boutique Hotel. The hotel is located in Medulin, a 15-minute car drive from Pula.

The Exclusive Adults Only Chevalier Boutique Hotel offers you a tanning deck and other world-class services such as:

  • Airport shuttle service
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 front desk
  • Room service
  • A seasonal outdoor pool
  • Garden spa
  • Bar
  • Bike rentals

For breakfast, the hotel serves a splendid à la carte continental breakfast. After breakfast, you can head to the Bijeca sand beach one kilometer from the hotel. While at the beach, you’ll have access to a bar, Wi-Fi, bakery and restaurant. Also, some sports activities are on offer, such as jet skiing, water skiing, badminton, windsurfing, and snorkeling, among others.


For small-town Pula Croatia has everything you need from a proper vacation destination. Apart from being a tourist destination, Pula's history makes the town a significant part of the Croatian culture. Remember, when planning to visit Pula, ensure it's during the summer so you can get the full Pula holiday experience.

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