Best places for couples in Croatia - Top 5 Spots

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May 21, 2023
Best places for couples in Croatia - Top 5 Spots

Consider Croatia if you and your partner are planning your next vacation and want to go somewhere a little different. Along with a plethora of well-traveled historical monuments, hip bars, and waterways as pristine as glass, it provides the ideal amount of romanticism – talk of secluded beaches, candlelight meals, seaside sunsets, and what not.

There is no need to go further if you want to learn where in Croatia couples should go. In this post, we will outline the top romantic locations for a couples holiday in Croatia.

What is the Best Time for Couples to Visit Croatia?

The peak tourist season in Croatia is the summer, particularly in July and August. The sea is at its warmest during these times, while the days are at their hottest. Due to the extreme aridity, only a few days of rainfall throughout the entire summer. Every restaurant, bar, and club is open and frequently crowded with patrons. Summer is the perfect season for your couple vacation in Croatia if you want to take advantage of the nightlife and have a wide range of tour possibilities.

The off-season and preseason are the best times to visit Croatia if you and your partner are more of a peace-loving pair who love quiet vacations. June and September are still slightly warmer, and swimming in the sea is especially delightful in September. The fact that there aren't as many people and you can appreciate the majority of the places almost alone is one of the things we love most about this time of year in Croatia. On the other hand, during July and August, everything seems to be crowded.

The most incredible times to go on excursions and take in Croatia's natural beauty are in April, May, and October. Even during these times, the weather is still delightful, warm, and sunny, especially near the seaside. Even though the sea may not be as warm as it is in the summer, swimming is still doable. It's great that most locations, like national parks, are essentially empty. On the other end, several tourist attractions, including restaurants, tour companies, and others, are closed or have not yet opened.

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Top 5 Destinations for Couples in Croatia

1. Split

Split is Croatia's second-biggest town and the country's largest seaside settlement. Its ancient town resembles a bustling museum thanks to its more than 1700 years of history. You are surrounded by historical items wherever you go. The town boasts a beautiful atmosphere, gourmet restaurants serving delicious regional cuisine, hip bars and cafes, lovely lodging, and a sandy beach called Bacvice.

Take a stroll along the Riva Broadwalk, explore the old town's maze of narrow streets, enjoy a glass of wine and some local cheese at Paradox or Zinfandel, sample Croatian tapas at Bokeria, or dine at Konoba Nikola in Stobrec, Villa Spiza, or Uje Oil Bar for a taste of traditional Dalmatian home cooking. UNESCO-world heritage sides, the Krka waterfalls, and Omis, one of the top locations for outdoor enthusiasts, can all be visited from Split.

Nearly all year long, the town enjoys first-rate aircraft connections to major European airports. The months of June and September are ideal for travel to Split. If you're looking for accommodation, Villa Orvas 68 is the ideal accommodation for couples visiting Split.

2. Dubrovnik

The old town of Dubrovnik, the most visited city in Croatia, is exceptionally charming. Dubrovnik provides a range of activities for couples, whether you opt to spend your entire trip there or venture outside the city walls. You should not miss to visit the 15 top tourist attractions in Dubrovnik.

Explore the old town's narrow streets and alleyways, watch the sunset at the Buza bar, enjoy a special dinner for two at one of Dubrovnik's best restaurants, or go wine tasting in the hinterland or on the Peljesac peninsula.

Whatever you decide to do, you and your significant other will adore Dubrovnik. Travel is most enjoyable in May, June, and October. Couples can find the best lodging in Dubrovnik at Villa Orvas 69 and Villa Opium.

3. Vis Island

Vis Island has it all: secluded beaches, a laid-back mood, restaurants only reachable by boat or on foot, few tourists, fantastic nature, blue sea.

Vis Island is situated quite far out in the ocean. If you don't have a boat of your own, you can rent a yacht to get to Vis.

Only 5,000 people call Vis home year-round, and they take great pride in its 77 kilometers of immaculate coastline and laid-back way of life that emphasizes its beauty and quality of life.

Due to its location, which makes it more remote than other Croatian islands like Brac or Hvar, and the fact that it served as a military outpost during the Yugoslav era, Vis was long isolated.

All these factors worked in its favor today, mainly because the island has never had a chance to develop mass tourism. Even now, when it is considerably more well-liked, it simply lacks the substantial infrastructure to accommodate massive crowds.

Explore Vis' backroads with the help of our chauffeur service, sail to the Blue Cave on a yacht hire, or discover secret bays and beaches like Stiniva. Enjoy delectable regional cuisine while strolling along the Komiza and Vis coastline.

4. Hvar

This Croatian island is ideal if you and your significant other want a little more flash and glamour while on vacation.

Conde Nast Traveller chose Hvar Island as the top vacation spot in Europe for 2021. Off the coast of Dalmatia, this lovely island may be found between Korcula, Vis, and Brač islands. It has been inhabited for millennia because of its placement along trade routes. Numerous artefacts and remains that illustrate various eras and times in the island's history have been discovered by archaeologists.

The island's administrative centre, Hvar Town, is also one of the most well-liked tourist sites in Croatia. Thousands of tourists are drawn to it each year by its attractiveness to the Mediterranean and its rich culture & history.

Stroll around the city's streets to see its old structures. After relaxing with a cup of revitalising coffee in Dalmatia's biggest square, mingle with the locals and indulge in some delectable Mediterranean fare.

Apart from its culinary and cultural legacy, this place is well-known for its gorgeous scenery and mild weather all year round. You will fall in love with the city thanks to its lovely, clean bays and beaches, friendly locals, virgin nature, plenty of wine, olive trees, and the lingering aroma of lavender.

The Villa Orvas 70 or the Villa Camellia are the ideal accommodations for couples visiting Hvar.

5. Rovinj

Rovinj is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway that is more refined and calmer. On the Istrian shore, this town's colourful homes are a photographer's paradise, and you can spend your days exploring the old town's twisting cobblestone lanes. It is simple to explore on foot and has many watering holes to stop at since it is located on what was historically an island (it was only joined to the mainland in 1763). When you find Oysters on their menu, they are likely to have come from Lim Fjord, which is 20 minutes away. Treat yourself; they are an aphrodisiac.

If you were travelling to Istria, the only reason you wouldn't stay in Rovinj is that you couldn't afford it. There are gourmet restaurants, quaint bars, and art galleries in the picturesque old area.

There are so many things to do in Rovinj for visitors. We enjoy exploring the old town's streets, passageways, and passages, sipping wine at the Mediterraneo Bar, and dining at Barba Danilo.

But don't stop there — try some authentic Italian gelato at Gelateria Italia, explore the active fields on St. Andrew and Maskin Islands, stroll through the gardens on St. Catherine Island, discover Golden Cape Forest Park, and spend the day relaxing at Mulini Beach.

Summertime is the perfect season to visit Rovinj. The Grand Park Hotel and the Hotel Monte Mulini are ideal accommodations in Rovinj for couples.

Romantic Activities for Couples in Croatia

Regardless of what we say, you can visit Croatia and have a fantastic time, but here are some suggestions you may use to plan your romantic getaway to Croatia. Just use your creativity and imagination and surprise your partner with something you hadn't anticipated. These are just a few, and the list can be expanded in many similar ways.

Spa day

The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is renowned for offering Croatia's best wellness and spa options. Albaro was listed among the "best spas of the globe" by the UK's Red magazine.

This makes it perfect for you and your partner to make a reservation and enjoy a fantastic day at the spa.

Hire a car

The best way to explore Croatia easily and conveniently is by renting a car. It's a key component for every place you visit, and we always start by choosing one when we travel. The locations we've highlighted as the most romantic spots in Croatia can be reached by vehicle.

Hire a luxury yacht

The most romantic way to explore Croatia's coastline is on a yacht!

Croatia is a popular travel location for lovers who wish to escape their everyday life and fully savour them.

Finding a yacht that suits your requirements and preferences is relatively easy whether you want a small, medium, or large private yacht. You and your partner can charter a yacht and set sail for a week or longer.

Venture off the beaten path

This means traveling to some locations not covered in the typical Croatia travel books. However, you ought to go to some of the locations we suggested at less busy hours of the day. You'll have the finest experience at any destinations we've suggested if you don't follow the crowd and get up early.

Wedding photoshoot in Croatia

Making romantic memories of your Croatian honeymoon with a few photo shoots is a fantastic idea. Select a stunning location, hire a pro photographer, and allow them to create some beautiful pictures that will help you remember your time in Croatia for a long time.

You will enjoy your stay in Croatia since we, Welcome Center Croatia, will support you with all the necessities, including transport, luxury villas and above all, concierge services to make your stay worthwhile.

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