Top 10 Restaurants in Dalmatia

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July 19, 2022
Top 10 Restaurants in Dalmatia

If you ask us, summer should consist of wandering through beaches aimlessly and tasting food in restaurants. Fortunately, if you are spending your summer in Dalmatia, you will have a lot to discover – in terms of beautiful beaches but also food.

Whether you are a meat lover, seafood lover, vegetarian, or something else, you can find everything you like in the restaurants we will mention! And take our word for it when we tell you that it pays off to come to these restaurants on a day trip if you are nearby.

Cruising through Dalmatia the first stop, out of bigger cities should be Zadar. Pag cheese, lamb, anchovies, tuna, olive oil, homemade wines, and prosciutto… are just some of the best products you must taste during your vacation in Zadar. 

And where to try them?

1. Restaurant Foša, Zadar

Restaurant Foša, Zadar

The fish Restaurant Foša is settled in the walls of the port of Foša that dates back to the 16th century. The restaurant is a great combination of fresh ingredients typical for the Zadar region and modern gastronomy. 

It’s the same with its ambient – elements of tradition make it pleasant for a nice dinner, but modern decoration gives you a feeling of development in the spirit of the time & with the requirements of the modern guest. 

In addition to traditional dishes with seafood, Adriatic squid, tuna, or octopus, on their menu, you can find local prosciutto and cheese.

+385 23 314 421

2. Restaurant Pet bunara, Zadar

Restaurant Pet bunara, Zadar

Across the Pet bunara square, in the heart of the old Zadar town, there is, according to many, the best restaurant in Zadar with the same name as the square – Restaurant Pet bunara. Dining here is an experience – you have a beautiful view of one of the most famous sights of Zadar. 

When talking about the menu, they have the most original yet simple gastronomic offer. Their philosophy is simple: exceptionally well-prepared dishes made from fresh ingredients that respect the seasonal offer. 

Also, all the meals on the menu are prepared exclusively from natural organic products. It is also worth emphasizing that the restaurant's menu offers a wide selection, not only of Croatian wines.

While in the Zadar area do not forget to hop on some breathtaking islands that surround this city. From Ugljan, Dugi Otok to Pag, every island offers something unique for you to discover. 

+385 (0)23 224 010

3. Restaurant Boškinac, Pag

Restaurant Boškinac, Pag

This time, we would propose that you head to the island of Pag, even if it is not on your planned route at all – it is worth visiting for many things but the luxury boutique hotel, winery, and Michelin-starred Restaurant Boškinac is on the top of the list. 

This is a proper hedonistic oasis that defines the fine dining standards not only of the island but for the whole Zadar region.  

The hotel & restaurant is situated in Novalja and the surroundings offer an idyllic backdrop for your gastronomic experience in Dalmatia. With the island’s culinary heritage, chef Boris Šuljić presents a vast selection of local flavors – all artistically prepared.

At Boškinac, you can taste the best of Mediterranean island cuisine in a stylish, contemporary, and warm ambiance. In the cellar below the hotel, you’ll discover a cozy tavern where you can enjoy wine tastings & live music.

+385 (0)91 6106 365

4. Restaurant Pelegrini, Šibenik

Restaurant Pelegrini, Šibenik

If you have to explain to someone who has never been to Dalmatia and loves food what Dalmatia is, the best way would be to take that person to the Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik.

Pelegrini is located in the heart of Šibenik, in the 700-year-old Villa Pelegrini-Tambača, next to the Cathedral of St. Jacob. The culinary philosophy of chef Rudolf Štefan is based on a creative fusion of traditional and modern. The emphasis is on local ingredients and but to reinterpret them completely modern & innovative. 

According to chef Rudlof’s philosophy, Pelegrini’s menu is created in cooperation with small Dalmatian producers. That is why their menu always has recognizable flavors of the fresh seasonal offer. Also, that is the reason why you should go for a tasting menu that contains multiple courses, each providing a new surprise.


5. Restaurant Zrno Soli, Split

Restaurant Zrno Soli, Split

Right next to the sea, with a beautiful view of Split and offering excellent traditional cuisine, Zrno Soli is an unavoidable place in Dalmatia for many tourists and locals.

If Split is on your map of destinations in Dalmatia (and it should be), restaurant Zrno Soli should be your place to have a nice dinner. It is one of the restaurants in Split with the most beautiful location, which nurtures top and extremely creative cuisine. 

The restaurant is located on the first floor of a modern building in the Split marina and offers a beautiful view of the yachts and the city port. 

The restaurant is known for combining local and traditional ingredients with modern cuisine. Their menu is small but carefully planned and based on local, high-quality ingredients.

+385 21 399 333

6. Restaurant Villa Spiza, Split

Restaurant Villa Spiza, Split

Looking for a feeling of home – in the restaurant’s atmosphere and cuisine? Well, Restaurant Villa Spiza is the one for you! 

Located in a narrow alley near Diocletian's Palace in the center of old Split, the small restaurant Villa Spiza exudes a homely atmosphere. You can not reserve a place here, and the food offer depends on the food that arrived that day from the market.

It is enough to say that their menu is handwritten on paper and is completely based on the seasonal ingredients. 

You can not go wrong if you try their black risotto, shellfish, fresh shrimp, tuna steak, or some white fish, but also chicken stew.

7. Restaurant Kadena, Split

Restaurant Kadena, Split

For a more refined and elegant feeling head to Restaurant Kadena which is located on Zenta, above the Split harbor and the beach. The terrace of the restaurant offers a view of Brač, Šolta, and Hvar.

The decoration is modern, as the restaurant is also a lounge bar, and on one of the walls many wine bottles that they have are on display. The large offer of various local and foreign bottles as well as wine by the glass is one of the trump cards of this restaurant.

The cuisine is Mediterranean but still innovative & creative with a touch of exclusivity.

+385 21389 400

8. Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik

Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik

For the romantic souls – Restaurant Nautika in Dubrovnik is waiting for you. Named the 6th most romantic restaurant in the world, besides the obvious spectacular location, from whose terraces you will enjoy a unique and unique view of the sea and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar, you will also witness spectacular gastronomy.

Special recommendations? Lobsters from the island of Vis, as well as other delicacies from the Adriatic Sea.

+ 385 20 44 25 26

9. Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik

360, Dubrovnik

Best restaurant terrace in the world? Some would say Restaurant 360 in Dubrovnik! The spacious terrace reminds us of a ship, overlooking Porat, the historic port of Dubrovnik.

It is ungrateful to rank restaurants of different categories on one list, but Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik has several factors that make it the best in our country – from the terrace, the world-class wine list to the top-notch menu.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is elegant and measured. Here you can have only dinner, reservation is required and for you, the only job is to indulge with all your senses.

+385 20 322 222

10. Restaurant Laganini Palmižana, Hvar

Restaurant Laganini Palmižana, Hvar

Saving the best for last? We could not decide which one is better from our list of top 10 restaurants in Dalmatia but Restaurant Laganinin on Hvar could be easily named the most hedonistic of them all.

It is located in the most popular part of the Pakleni islands, Palmižana in the bay Vinogradišće across from the town of Hvar. On the one hand a restaurant and on the other a lounge bar, Laganini is big enough not to feel overcrowded even when it is most crowded. 

With a tradition of almost 50 years, it attracts many gourmets and lovers of top-quality food. Here you can experience the best of both worlds - enjoying the sunset by sipping a cocktail after eating excellent seafood delicacies from the Adriatic sea.

+385 91 174 4976

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