Podstrana Croatia - Full Travel Guide

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May 21, 2023
Podstrana Croatia - Full Travel Guide

Podstrana is a coastal city located about seven kilometres from the city of Split. This area is known for its pristine turquoise bays and amazing small pebble beaches. You will also find several restaurants and bars in Podstrana.

The coast town is located at the foot of Perun Hill, with Mosor Mountain nearby. Therefore, when you visit the area, you will enjoy both seaside and mountain views. The mountainous backdrop offers another set of breath-taking views.

There are five villages within the area, namely: Stoanac, Old Podstrana, Grljevac, St. Martin and Mutogras.

This travel guide provides you with all the information you need as well as easy tips about Podstrana Croatia. You will know about the best places to visit, where to book for accommodations, a little history of the city and what to do once you get to the coastal city.

Accommodation Options in Podstrana

Le Méridien Lav

Le Méridien Lav is a five-star resort located within the town, about 5 miles south of the city of Split. The hotel is the only five-star service provider in the area and has a whopping 900 yards of beachfront. It also overlooks the city of Split and the surrounding islands. Guests can also relax in its expansive landscaped gardens.

Hotel guests also get a chance to enjoy cuisines from around the world in its Marina Promenade and a combination of six restaurants and several bars. There is also a wellness centre and spa within the resort where guests enjoy saunas, whirlpools, steam baths, deep relaxation rooms and pedicure and nail studios, among many others. Guests have a wide choice of treatments in each of these studios.

This five-star resort offers large panoramic windows, a relaxing ambiance, high-quality furniture, comfortable beds and balconies to make the stay relaxing and luxurious for each guest. Besides, there are several amenities for playing and having fun on land and water, including many high-tech tennis courts, lush green fields, stand up paddle, towing and jet ski facilities, among other water sports facilities.

In addition, its Marina Promenade boasts cafes, bars, restaurants and specialty shops. The beach area also offers luxury yachts for unforgettable adventures on the water.

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Most Popular Beaches in Podstrana

There are several breath-taking beaches across Podstrana that make it a must-visit destination. In addition to the beautiful coastline, there are several spots one can swim in, many of which boast fine pebble beaches and pristine turquoise waters. Let’s look at some of the best beaches in Podstrana, Croatia.

Hotel Le Meridien Lav Beach

Hotel Le Meridien Lav has one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Podstrana. The hotel recently underwent a renovation along with the beach. This added several entertainment infrastructures and amenities to enhance the stay at the location. There is an open-air swimming pool located near the beach that is available exclusively to the hotel guests. Guests also have access to a children’s playground and secure parking in the garage, which comes at a separate cost.

If guests come as a group and need to stay together, the resort gives them a chance to rent umbrellas and chairs and sit next to the beach. There is also a restaurant and a cafe within the hotel complex. Guests can also engage in several outdoor sports, including water skiing, sailing, and windsurfing at the beach.

Strozanac Beach

You will find Strozanac beach to the north of the Podstrana resort, near the marina. It is touted as one of the most beautiful bathing bays around. The beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. It has fine pebbles that make it relaxing and turquoise seawater that enhances your relaxation.

The landscape around the beach is relatively flat, allowing for easy movement, especially for children and the elderly. There are also several sunbathing areas located on the southern parts of the beach, where it is cooler and more serene, enabling you to relax in the beach ambience in complete peace.

Beach Club Gooshter

Located south of Le Meridien, Beach Club Gooshter is a pristine beach that offers a classy ambience and an expansive coastline for guests to enjoy. You can also rent chairs and umbrellas if you are in a group. There are great offers for food and drinks. You will enjoy your drink as you dance to a DJ mix as the cool breeze cools you down by the sea. Like the other beaches reviewed above, Beach Club Gooshter has particularly fine pebbles and cool turquoise waters that will relax you throughout the afternoon.

If you do not want to swim, you can relax by the sea as you enjoy some food at the restaurant near the beach. The restaurant has a stylish setting where guests can enjoy their meals with a view of the beach in the background. The outdoor eatery has wooden elements and a lounge ambience that is very enjoyable. Consider visiting the location by sunset, where you can relax at the end of the day with a refreshing cocktail or relax into the evening with a drink while chatting with a loved one.

Things to Do in Podstrana

Podstrana Croatia offers a blue paradise for anyone who loves to bask in the sun and forget all the worries of this world. It is a clean, picturesque coast region set against a crystal-clear sea. The area is very inviting for both those who want to just relax and those who want to participate in sports and activities. Get ready to enjoy the Dalmatian way of life by doing some of the activities that we have listed in the section below.

Podstrana is located near the cities of Omis and Split. This makes it an excellent getaway for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can do day trips on your own or join one of the groups for organized tours of the area by a local agency.

Given that the coastal town is only 7 kilometres from Split, the city is the first sight that you will see when you reach the destination. Split is a Mediterranean city that boasts a rich history, most of which is evident from all corners. You will not fail to see the magnificent attractions of the city of Split.

If you happen to visit the city, be sure to have a cup of tea at the Riva promenade. You can also visit Klis and Salona, two other awesome landmarks in the area. Klis was a medieval fortress, Salon was an ancient city with an amazing history & culture. It is also known as a famous film location in Croatia where movies such as Game of Thrones were filmed.

You can also visit Trogir, another amazing coastal city which is famed for its picturesque landscapes, where you can have some adventure. Similarly, Omis is also another great place to have some adventure.

Perun Hill

Perun Hill is a tourist attraction centre that is located in Dalmatia and stretches an amazing 17 kilometres along the Adriatic Coast. The hilly landscape is not steep, with the highest peak being Kriz, which stands 533 meters above sea level. From the location, you will enjoy amazing panoramic views of the surrounding islands and coastal towns.

The name of the hill comes from one of the Slavic deities, Perun, who was touted as a god of lightning and thunder. The area shows various features that are traces of Illyrian culture. There are also medieval churches, some of which are well-preserved.

The hill has a mythical atmosphere and is an amazing recreational destination that draws both locals and tourists on tours. You can come here for arranged tours, hiking and cycling on one of the many trails around. When you are not enjoying time on the trails, you can be playing a sport or getting entertained at one of the sports complexes in the area. One of the popular areas for enjoying amazing games is a sports area located in Veliki Perun near Mountain Lodge, where there are various entertainment facilities.

Besides, the area has rich and diverse flora and fauna, which have been well preserved. We recommend the destination for anyone who wishes to have an active vacation. Just come with the right hiking and biking gear to get going.

The History of Podstrana

Podstrana, Croatia has long been known as an attractive and habitable location. Early settlers in the land built antique villas, palaces and renaissance country homes on the slopes of Perun. The area boasts a distinctive, well-preserved landscape where people co-exist with flora and fauna. It has also remained in this state over the years. The area is now expanding quite fast and new inhabitants are making the area a suburban Split area for the elite.

In history, this area of sun, sea and stone has always been on the amazingly sunny side of the republic of Poljica. It has been changed over the years, but its original inhabitants left traces of their existence.

The Dalmati tribe, known as the Illyrians, were the first people to live in Podstrana. The earliest habitation in this bustling region was established by the Romans at the end of the first century and was given the name Pitunium. The communities on the mountain slopes started to emerge as the Croats arrived, and moved to the seaside. the oldest village in the area, Gornja Vas, was built near the Mura spring. It faces the sea and the sun.

After the new Croatian kingdom defeated Venice in the year 839, the first Croatian peace treaty (historical mare nostrum, "our sea") was signed by the Croatian duke Mislav and the Venetian admiral Peter Tradonik. The writing was found next to St. Martin's Church in Podstrana.

Originally, Podstrana was known as Stara Podstrana (the old Podstrana), a long row of historically relevant homes lies beneath the rocks of Vrina with a pulsating sense of the past seeping into their courtyards and roads. The urbanized communities of Stroanac, Grljevac, St. Martin, and Mutogras are strung up now in the coastal region where life from Podstrana flooded down. Podstrana hugs the sea and creates several amusing sandy coves and beaches, followed by hotels, board and lodgings, and hostels, all surrounded by nurseries of Mediterranean plants.

The newly renovated summer home, Cindro, is known for harmony and beauty of the stone facades rising above the century-old, well-maintained yard. At the top of the hill, two sanctuaries belonging to St. George's shrine sparkle like two majestic spiritual pillars of early Croatian heritage. The current residents of Podstrana are proudly preserving the remnants of the past, including stone fragments, bell towers shaped like a distaff, neat rosettes, sculptures, reliefs, and altar pictures of devoted patrons that show the connection between the permanence of our times and the spirit of tradition.

You will enjoy your stay in Podstrana Croatia since we, Welcome Center Croatia, will support you with all the necessities, including transport, luxury villas and above all, concierge services to make your stay worthwhile.

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