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Luxury Yacht Charter In Croatia

For a luxurious experience in Croatia, you should charter a yacht in Croatia. This way, you will explore the coastal waters of the country in complete privacy and luxury. The yacht can be great for a relaxed day with friends, family, and business associates.

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sunseeker 75 Yacht charter Croatia

This yacht has a combination of modernity, luxury and a classic design, ready to sail the Croatian seas.

Accommodates: 8 Guests
Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

This 86ft Yacht is truly a floating paradise and is the perfect combination of exclusivity, luxury and style.

Accommodates: 8 Guests
sunseeker manhattan 55 Yacht charter Croatia

This yacht has an exclusive design and created with state of the art technology and materials. Escape the hectic lifestyle.

Accommodates: 8 Guests
sunseeker manhattan 69 Yacht charter Croatia

A beautiful yacht crafted with flawless attention to detail. Fully equipped with an exclusive design to enhance comfort and enjoyment.

Accommodates: 8 Guests
sunseeker portofino 40 Yacht charter Croatia

The Portfino 40 is crafted with detail to perfection and is a great yacht to cruise around the Croatian Islands with family or colleagues.

Accommodates: 4 Guests
sunseeker predator 57 Yacht charter Croatia

This yacht is intended to satisfy a perfect balance of style, modernity and practicality. Renowned for its luxurious design and performance.

Accommodates: 6 Guests
Yacht catering Croatia

World Class Catering

Indulge in world class food freshly prepared on-board by renouned chefs. Locally sourced delicatessen to enhance your yacht charter complemented with the finest wines and refreshments. Our world class catering on-board will ensure you get the full experience while exploring the Croatian coasts with a luxury yacht.

Yacht management Croatia

Lifestyle Management

Our luxury concierge service offer customised lifestyle management services to give you peace of mind while traveling. Our personalised attention to detail ensure a unique experience out at sea while we take care of everything from daily chores and a chauffeur service to get you comfortably to and from your yacht charter experience.

Rent a Yacht in Croatia

Enjoy complete privacy and experience luxury by chartering a yacht in Croatia. Discover the beauty of the Croatian coastal waters and enjoy the luxury of cruising around the islands. Spend a relaxed day with family, friends or with business associates.


We have a wide selection of modern sailing and motor yachts, and these are ideal for corporate and casual occasions. With the customized yacht charter, you can enjoy a holiday with personalized professional service. Our hosts are keen on the smallest details and will ensure that everything goes as expected.

Our hosts are also highly experienced in luxury yacht charters, so you should expect perfection in your trip. We will ensure that you are safe and secure throughout your trip.

Whether you are travelling individually or with a group, you will be able to enjoy our skippered charters. If you are experienced in navigating the seas, you can go for the luxury yachts for bareboat charters. This will give you the freedom to explore the Croatian Islands.

You can also enjoy our custom day cruise experiences, where you will be able to visit ports like the Port of Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar. With this option, you will be able to visit secluded bays and different caves to enjoy an excellent experience.


When visiting Croatia, you should consider chartering a yacht. This way, you will be able to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean. All the yachts come with an experienced skipper and crew, so you will be safe on your trip. You can use the luxury yacht to explore the bays, anchorages, and Mediterranean beaches. During the trip, you will enjoy the serene warm waters of the island.

Our fleet consists of new sailing and motor yachts, and these are fully insured and equipped. That means you will have a relaxing and safe trip that is free of worry.


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