Honeymoon in Croatia - Luxury Guide

updated on
May 21, 2023
Honeymoon in Croatia - Luxury Guide

Croatia is truly a dream honeymoon location for couples with its seducing luxury accommodation and breathtaking scenery. Croatia guarantees couples a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Croatia boasts idyllic Adriatic islands enriched with boutique hotels and beautiful resorts that guarantee a surreal experience for your honeymoon. 

Here we guide you through planning for your honeymoon in the paradise country full of vibrant colors, dramatic coastal settings, and the mild climate that makes your stay location surreal.

Honeymoon in Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik in Croatia is among the most luxurious places to stay for your honeymoon. This is no surprise as this unique and amazing old town is full of delights. Dubrovnik has several fine dining restaurants that cater to romantic nights. The town also provides plenty of opportunities for a wonderful experience for couples on honeymoon. You can discover the Croatian islands around Dubrovnik, visit the 15 Top Tourist Attractions In Dubrovnik or visit local wineries. 

Aside from the surreal experience and fine dining Dubrovnik has to offer, the choice of accommodation here is also over the bar. There are luxurious choices, plenty of five-stars, luxury villas, hotels with pools, and beautiful design & boutique Hotels. Anything your heart desires, they offer. The best place and go-to choice for many is the private Villa Yoko and the popular Hotel Excelsior, which offers an amazing view of the Old Town and top-notch amenities. 

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Honeymoon in Istria - Rovinj 

If you are looking for a romantic staycation in Croatia for your honeymoon, Rovinj should be on top of your list. Rovinj offers unfathomable natural beauty, with its vibrant Italianate cobbled street teeming with sights, cafes, interesting restaurants, sweet little shops, and bars. The town also has several smart, luxurious hotels, including the five-star Hotel Monte Mulini and Grand Park Hotel.

Spend your day experiencing some secluded beaches or lounging poolside at your hotel. You can also explore the beautiful town, venturing into Istria's amazing countryside, go for a gourmet experience in Istria and you don't want to miss to visit the top 7 wineries in Istria.

Honeymoon on the Croatian Islands

Discover the Croatian Islands with more than 1000 stunning islands on the Croatian coastline, surely you must have heard of them. With several choices finding the perfect island for your honeymoon might be challenging. Well, worry no more, as I shall provide insights into some of the most popular islands that should be on your list for a honeymoon staycation. 

To start you off, these are the most famous island, Island Brač and Island Hvar. However, if you opt for a chilled vibe for you and your partner, the lovely Vis Island is your go-to option. Vis is located further away from the mainland and offers a relaxing and tranquil experience that best suits the start of your marriage life. Mljet is another island that offers a memorable experience for couples on their honeymoon. Mljet is among the eight of Croatia's national parks, thus offering a thrilling experience. Spend your day on the secluded island cruising through the national park, the inland lakes to its lush forest. You can also further explore the hidden gems and the off-beaten-track-locations. 

Luxury Hotel on the Islands-Perfect for a honeymoon in Croatia

There are several other luxurious places on other islands that you should consider staying for your honeymoon. Some of these amazing places include the Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi on the island of Solta. The hotel is situated in a 300-year-old former castle with a lot to offer, including its amazing pool and garden on the secluded bay.

Another famous place you can go to is the intimate Hotel Villa Hortensia which is located in a perfect spot in the heart of Mali Lošinj. A must visit is the Michelin star Restaurant Alfred Keller in the Villa Hortensia.

Another luxurious place for your honeymoon staycation is the island Hvar. You can stay at the private Villa Camellia, situated perfectly with a private beach. The Villa amenities, include its private pool, 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Special Activities for a Honeymoon in Croatia 

For your trip to be truly memorable, you ought to engage in special activities or visit romantic places that will make your honeymoon even more special. Here are some activities you and your partner may indulge in.

Dinner at Sunset/ Cable car up to Mount Srd 

Anyone on staycation, whether on vacation, retreat, or honeymoon in Dubrovnik, going up Mount Srd on a cable car should be a must-do on their bucket list. The cable car is a beautiful, modern, and quick way to get top of the mountain, where it offers an amazing view of the beautiful scenery of the local islands, the gorgeous old town, and the rest of Dubrovnik. I highly recommend traveling on cable cars just before the sunset or late in daylight hours to catch the amazing sundown dining at the Nautika Restaurant. 

Spa day 

Hotel Bellevue on Losinj is famous for its excellent choice for wellness and spa-based honeymoon in Croatia, as mentioned earlier. However, many hotels in Croatia offer spa services and take in as many day treatments as possible. This makes it ideal for you and your partner to book and has an incredible day at the spa. 

Private luxury yacht trip 

Exploring Croatia from the sea is among the top activities to indulge in the Croatia islands for your honeymoon. You can rent a yacht for a week or more and sail away just the two of you or more. Renting a yacht comes with our luxury yacht services. For a romantic, heartbreaking experience, visit the heart-shaped island of Galesnjak. The small, uninhabited island has little to offer, thus providing a romantic gateway picnic or any activity that best suits you and your partner. This is easy as you can book a private gateway on this small but romantic island.

Sunset in Zadar 

Among the gorgeous sunsets in the world is said to occur in Zadar, and it is worth seeing! You may do the same thing, but you'll be in with the crowds! Most visitors to Zadar sit on the coastal promenade adjacent to the Coastal Organ to watch the sunset. Instead, you might like to enjoy a private sunset sailing cruise.

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