Luxury Yacht – Exploring Croatia from the Sea

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May 21, 2023
Luxury Yacht – Exploring Croatia from the Sea

Croatia is a beautiful country, and its coastlines are nothing to be missed. If you're looking for a luxurious and easy way to explore Croatia from the sea, there's no better way than on a luxury yacht. These vessels are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a luxurious stay, including air conditioning, restaurants, and golf. Whether you're looking for an ode to the Croatian coastline or just some peace and relaxation, these yachts offer everything you need to make your trip to Croatia an absolute dream come true.

The country is the globe’s number one destination for renting sailing boats. Whether you are looking for a luxury catamaran or a huge yacht for you and your friends, you can always get them in Croatia. The only thing that you need is to get your travel dates right, your budget, and make your Croatian cruising dream come true.

Why You Should Charter a Luxury Yacht in Croatia

It's the most romantic way of cruising the Croatian coastline

The country is known as a destination for lovers. But it's not only that. Croatia is a destination for romantics who want to get away from their lives and enjoy them in a completely secluded manner. Whether you prefer your yacht to be an intimate private yacht or a cosy family yacht, we are certain that you will find one that meets all your expectations and needs.

You can explore the coastlines of Croatia in its luxury

If you have always dreamed of exploring Croatia from the sea, you should consider chartering a yacht in Croatia. It allows you to explore some of its top cities such as Dubrovnik and Split in the south or go northern to Zadar, Rijeka or Rovinj.

You can visit some of the best islands in Croatia

Depending on the season and weather, you will be able to explore some of the best islands in Croatia and you should definitely consider those which are populated such as Hvar, Brač or Korčula but for sure you should consider to explore some nature parks like Nature park Telašćica on Dugi Otok Island. Whether you prefer a private yacht or a family yacht, you can always get an option that meets all your expectations and needs.

Sailing is also one of the most popular activities

The regional government has adopted sailing as one of its most significant sports, mainly because it's very popular in Croatia. The Adriatic Sea has been named "the most beautiful sailing area by experts" all over the world. It is a matter of fact, Croatia is one of the few countries in the world which has opened up its waters to all comers.

How to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Croatia

Decide what you would like

Would you like a luxury yacht, catamaran, or motorboat? Well, with the many options, you need to decide what you want. So why not just ask for a personal recommendation from the owners of the yachts you are interested in chartering?

Choosing a Yacht and Boat Type

You need to decide what type of yacht you want. If you want to charter a catamaran, an off-shore luxury yacht, or a motorboat, then it needs to be decided ahead of time. If you plan to be flexible in your choice, then consider catamaran yachts. They can go very fast and tend to get places with ease.

They also have more room than motorboats and are more comfortable than luxury yachts. But for those who are looking for something on the other extreme, and who don't care about getting there quickly or having much space, then motorboats and luxury yachts are the best choices for leisure cruises around Croatia. Again, if you plan on being flexible in your choice, then consider them. It all depends on what you like most.

Choosing a Yacht Chartering Company

If you have decided on a yachting type, now it's time to understand some key differences between chartering companies. You don't need a yacht chartering agency in Croatia, but they are a great help in making sure everything works out as planned. It's always a good idea to find one that offers the best services and is also very easy to work with. Find out which ones offer:

• Yacht delivery services

• Flat rate pricing

• No booking fees or extra charges

• 24-hour customer service assistance on call via cell phone or voicemail box (if available)

• Prompt response to any inquiries by email and/or phone

Factor in Your Preferences

Your preferences will affect your final cost. You'll rethink your plans and make sure that they are in line with your personal preferences. It's also important to take into account the safety of you and your family. If you have kids, it's best to look for a yacht with a crew of at least two. They'll be able to provide extra care if needed.

Pick a Season for the Yacht Cruise

Decide if you'd like to have a summer, fall or winter boat charter. You can also do it for some time that includes both the seasons. The weather is always different in each season and you'll be able to witness these changes firsthand. It's ideal for yachting in Croatia during winter. The weather is usually milder and you'd be exposed to more activities that include water sports and other water activities such as swimming and kayaking during this time of the year.

How Long Does the Luxury Charter in Croatia Usually Last?

While the charter lasts around ten to fourteen days, there are so many factors that go into deciding on the length of the luxury charter. It is often determined by your budget, preferences, and activities. Let's take a quick look at them.


A longer luxury yacht charter in Croatia will be more expensive than a shorter one. It also depends on the extent of the charter you choose. If you choose a long luxury yacht cruise in Croatia, your budget will vary based on the services that you want to enjoy during your vacation. It's always best to start with a budget and then decide on whether you want to increase it further or not.


There are different activities that can either contribute towards your budget or not – such as leisure and sports activities, diving, sailing and other water sports such as kayaking, swimming, fishing and waterskiing. The type of activities also varies depending on what season does the charter start? For instance, if it's for summer or winter, there would be additional items you'd need to consider when making your choice.


The other factor that determines whether a luxury yacht charter in Croatia is expensive or not is your decision to make before the charter starts. If you purchase the services ahead of time, the prices are usually cut by quite a margin. You can also choose to book for a particular date and time, this depends on your availability as well as your preferences.


It's always important to consider the location from where you want to start your journey. Some people like destinations close to the town they are staying in, while others like a jaunt far from their towns but still within reach of their family and friends during the trip. If you are planning for an exceptional cruise on Croatia's Adriatic Coast, you'll be lucky if you can secure an extended luxury yacht charter right in front of Dubrovnik or Split harbour which is located in these cities. The same rule applies to any of the islands situated in the Adriatic Sea.

Perfect weather conditions

A luxury yacht charter with a beautiful beach and sea views is much more enjoyable if you get to experience good weather too. If you don't mind getting chilly at night and sweating during your excursion, one can look at making use of charter yachts that are right on top of the water. However, if you are planning a cruise on Croatia's Adriatic Coast in July or August when temperatures can drop to 30-35 degrees Celsius, an extended luxury yacht charter might not be possible at all depending on conditions. That's why it's important to choose your trip according to the upcoming seasons before deciding on where to go.

Things to Do During a Luxury Charter in Croatia

Keep Calm and Be Present in the Moment

Your journey is only going to be magical if you let go. You are going to enjoy the water, the beach and a nice meal as well. So do not expect an exceptional experience. If you are not interested in what is happening at this moment, you will get bored and so would your yacht charter guests. So when there is nothing to do, just relax and spend some time with your family or friends while at sea or on the land of the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Check Out Sceneries in Croatian National Parks

Once you are on your yacht charter, be sure to explore a few of Croatia's national parks. If you have time, check the Archipelago of Kornati  with its beautiful beaches and rock formations or go further south to explore unique National Park Mljet.

Work Out on the Beach or Swim in the Water

If you do not want to spend any time on land, rent a moped for some beautiful drives along the Croatian coastline near your luxury yacht charter destination or in nearby islands like the Kornati archipelago or Cres Island. Or if you are up for another adventurous activity, go swimming in one of Croatia's famous Croatian Adriatic coast beaches like Novalja or Krk Island where eels swim and hides from boats full of sunbathers from all over Europe. And if nature did not appeal to you at all, there are plenty of active sports for which Croatia is famous, like water sports.

Take a Diving Trip in the Croatian Adriatic Coast

If you want to include a bit of adrenaline into your trip, or just simply want to learn more about the underwater world, consider booking a scuba diving trip with your luxury yacht charter on the Croatian Adriatic coast. You can choose between different types of diving: snorkelling, wreck diving or night diving. 

Spend a Night in a Hidden Cove

If you do not want to include scuba diving into your luxury yacht charter, but still want to breathe underwater, you can try snorkelling in one of the Croatian Adriatic coast islands. Try a night dive to discover an amazing world where you can see thousands of stars through the crystal clear water above. This is an amazing experience that is worth experiencing.

Get a Customised Holiday

Depending on your preferences and wants, you can also get a tailored luxury yacht charter. That way, you will also get a dedicated skipper and cook for your Croatian Adriatic coast cruise. You can even include honeymoon packages and birthday celebrations if you wish. If you do not have the luxury of choosing from a range of options, you can also choose an all-inclusive luxury yacht charter.

If you want to enjoy an incredible Croatian Adriatic coast experience, combine two or more excursions in one single trip. This will give you more time to explore the beauty of this incredible country while at the same time giving yourself plenty of time to relax in comfort and style. Try one-day scuba diving followed by a hot air balloon ride as well as enjoying a romantic dinner cruise in the evening. The possibilities are endless – and only your imagination can limit them.

4 Best Destinations for a Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Croatia has some of the most magnificent marinas. This section looks at the best destinations for a lux charter in the country.

Luxury Yacht Charter Zadar

The Zadar marina is some of the best for luxury yacht charters in Croatia. The marina has three seaways, one of which is a luxury yacht mooring bay. As with the Lido Harbour, there are multiple yachts and pontoons to choose from. You can opt to be hosted by one of the local yacht captains who can introduce you to the region through a private tour. If you have not had enough yacht time in Croatia, you can also take part in a live performance of nautical folklore by night.

Luxury Yacht Charter Šibenik

Šibenik is a beautiful town with a marina. It is located on the White Adriatic coast, offering luxury yacht charters to clients. Many yachts can be found in the harbour, so there is no need to cross the estuary in search of a boat you like. You can simply walk right up to it and ask for your services! The town offers many things that should make any client want to come back again and again.

Luxury Yacht Charter Split

The Split marina has more than 1,000 moorings of different sizes and types. They include everything from traditional sailing vessels to modern luxury yachts. Some are even floating islands, but if you are looking for something larger, keep in mind that the mooring rates do not change depending on size! If you have not been here before, then you have probably seen it from the sea.

Luxury Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a well-preserved city. It looks like it has just emerged from its medieval location, but in fact, it has been standing since the 6th century. There are many different lines of sight here, few as beautiful as the fortress walls. The city is home to several UNESCO heritage sites, so you can only wish that one of these will be your yacht’s mooring point.


Most people think that renting a yacht is expensive. If you go here, you will understand why this is not true. Considering how the prices are and the locations, we advise that if you plan to rent your yacht for more than two weeks so you can get the best experience. You only need to plan and be there to enjoy the full luxury yacht charter experience.

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