7 Wineries in Istria you don't want to miss

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July 12, 2022
7 Wineries in Istria you don't want to miss

The heart of Croatian wine production is the Istrian region, with vineyards stretching from Buje to Poreč. The most popular variety in this area is Malvasia, followed by Merlot and Teran. There are also several wineries in places like Labin and Pula, which produce wines including Cabernet sauvignon and many others! This region has a highly dynamic wine scene with tradition - young people here are making modern changes that establish them as leaders in Croatia's viticulture industry. Vinistra- the largest Croatian festival for wines - occurs every year around here too.

The best wineries in Istria will provide you with an unforgettable trip to the world of Istrian indigenous varieties of wine. The experience includes beautiful nature, relaxation, and breathtaking views. Let's look at some of Istria's most breathtaking wineries.


cattunar winery

The Cattunar Winery is located in a wine cellar that was constructed recently. This family vineyard has a long tradition, and the Cattunar family passes this love of producing wine from generation to generation. Over 56 hectares are covered by this estate, making it the largest private vineyard in Istria.

Indigenous varieties such as Malvasia Istriana, Teran White Wine or Muscat Rose can be found here alongside other types of grapes like Grščičevo Rosé and Pinot Rouge. A beautiful winery where local specialities awaits your visit, along with an explanation about western-Istrian territory and the "Four Countries" project!

Website: www.cattunar.net
Email: info@vina-cattunar.hr
+385 52 720 496


kozlovic winery

The Kozlović family is proud to produce top-quality wine, guaranteed by their family name. This modern winery is located in Momjan and creates exceptional wines that nurture the expression and character of indigenous Istrian varieties while constantly improving production processes and knowledge.

The winery consists of multifunctional spaces for wine presentation and workshops with an elegant tasting bar outdoors. There are nine different tours offered at this establishment that you can take advantage of. You only have to book in advance as the place could flood up with people most of the time.

Website: www.kozlovic.hr
Email: visit@kozlovic.hr
+385 52 77 91 77


kabola winery

Kabola winery, which produces about 100,000 bottles of wine every year. The property offers guided tasting tours, and the beauty of the company has been recognised by the film industry too. With a sommelier from Kabola, you will learn more about organic production and long maceration in barrels or amphorae. There are four different tasting tours that include food to perfectly go with these wines and olive oil from Kabola.

Website: www.kabola.hr
Email: info@kabola.hr
+385 52 779 208

Trapan Wine Station

trapan wine station

Trapan Wine Station is one of Istria's finest wineries. The owner, Bruno Trapan, has created stunning wines worth tasting. They include traditional Malvasia and Teran and excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. You can enjoy these tastings in a new modern winery designed by Bruno Trapen himself to look like a train station with rich dark woods and a cosy fireplace where you will be able to try their homemade grappa too.

Website: www.trapan.hr
Email: info@trapan.hr
+385 91 581 72 81

Roxanich Winery

roxanich winery

The Roxanich Winery is the perfect place if you are looking for an immersive Istria wine region experience. You'll find a stone-walled boutique hotel with spa, wellness centre and saunas overlooking vineyards at Wine & Heritage Hotel Roxanich in Motovun, Istria.

The winemaker Mladen Rožanić uses biodynamic production methods to make excellent wines that will be sure to please you (and your taste buds).

According to Roxanich's official website, all the sights, sounds, and scents of the past meet at the winery in harmony.

Website: www.roxanich.com
Email: reservations@roxanich.com
+ 385 52 205 700


clai winery

Clai Winery is located in Brajki, near Krasica. The vineyards extend over 10ha, and the olive groves are on an additional 5ha of land. This winery has a recognisable quality due to its location because it's sunny with cool salty breeze coming from the Adriatic Sea combined with earth rich in marl.

Clai Winery offers many tasting programs so you can enjoy wine, olives and other delicacies, including Istrian sausages!

Website: www.clai.hr
Email: info@clai.hr
+ 385 52 776 175


degrassi winery

At the Degrassi winery, you will find a delightful wine-tasting experience. The location also houses an old lighthouse close to Savudrija village, home of the oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic Sea.

It has been labelled as "Degrassi style" from Istria's northwestern part with notable minerality, aromatic production with a strong accent on purity and fullness with long-lasting taste. The beautifully satisfying taste comes from elegant wines and the fact that this winery invests much love into its work by using modern technologies mixed in seamlessly for traditional purposes. Its sweetness and reputation have been recognised domestically and internationally several times.

Website: www.degrassi.hr
Email: info@degrassi.hr
+ 385 (0)52 759 250

Quick Tips for Planning Your Winery Visits in Istria

There are many options to choose from when it comes to wine tasting tours. But with so many options, you can't help but feel overwhelmed. Here are quick tips on how to plan a wine tasting excursion in Istria.

Visit the most prestigious wineries

As a wine enthusiast, you should start by visiting the most prestigious wineries. This is because these establishments have been in business for a long time, offering their customers the finest wine blends and best service.

Choose a guide who has travelled there before

When planning your wine tasting tour in Istria, Croatia, it is important to choose a guide who has travelled there before. This person should know all of the top wineries you should visit when going on a wine tasting excursion in Istria.

Visit wineries located in the country's capital city

If you are looking for a wine tasting tour in Istria, Croatia, you should know that most of the wineries located in this area are located near the country's capital city. Although some of these wineries may not be as popular as others, they still offer many different types of wines and different blends that you may want to try.


The Istria region is a beautiful part of Croatia, filled with some of the country's most incredible wineries. If you are in the area, do not miss out on the opportunity to go wine tasting at one of these top Istria wineries. And if you're not in the area, you can still enjoy a glass of Croatian wine, as long as you buy it from one of these wineries.

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