Zagreb to Split - Luxury Travel Guide

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May 21, 2023
Zagreb to Split - Luxury Travel Guide

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is also a key gateway for visitors entering the country. The city was recently awarded the title of having the best Christmas market in all of Europe, which indicates that the city is genuinely enchanted during the time surrounding the Christmas holiday.

But other than that, tourists who come to the city will find that the city has a booming retail and nightlife scene, lovely natural surroundings and a large selection of attractions in Zagreb. There is no denying that Zagreb qualifies as a lively metropolitan area.

One of the most often asked questions for those arriving at the country's main airport, spending time in the country's capital, or planning to travel farther afield in Croatia is how to get from Zagreb to the country's second-largest city, Split.

This article provides an outline of the most viable travel options for getting from Zagreb to Split.

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How to Get from Zagreb to Split?

The most convenient, time- and cost-effective, and versatile modes of transportation between Zagreb and Split are flying and driving.

Flying between the capital of Croatia and Split is the most efficient and direct method of luxury travel between the two cities. However, if you want to take your time and explore several cities and attractions along the route to the coast, the best way to get there is by car.

Zagreb to Split by Private Jet

Taking a private jet is the most convenient way to get from Croatia's capital to Split by air.

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It takes around 1 hour and 12 minutes to fly from Split to Zagreb via private jet, which is sufficient time to cross the 246 kilometres that separate the two cities. Because of the total flight time and distance, a light jet or a jet medium aircraft are the most suitable choices. Since the runway at one of the airports is shorter, landing smaller or medium-sized planes is recommended rather than larger jets. This flight does not need to make a stop for fuel.

Zagreb to Split by Private Chauffeur

If travelling by road, driving south on the A1 freeway is the quickest route between Zagreb and Split.

The route from Zagreb to Split is around 4 hours and 15 minutes long, but it's perhaps the most beautiful coastal drive, passing via Lika and the Velebit mountains.

This road also passes within short driving distance from the cities of Zadar and Šibenik, and is a little over 400 kilometres long between Zagreb and Split.

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Since Plitvice Lakes is conveniently located on the road to Split from Zagreb, you can take a detour and get the opportunity to enjoy the stunning cascades and waterfalls that have made the it one of the most visited parks in all of Croatia. A drive between Zagreb and Split that includes a stop at Plitvice Lakes is a fantastic way to save time.

Places to Visit When Traveling from Zagreb to Split

Do you plan on taking your time and enjoying the day?

Take the route through Plitvice Lakes, Croatia's largest national park. You will have the opportunity to explore a series of breathtaking waterfalls, lakes, caverns, and Rastoke's watermill hamlet. This will turn an otherwise mundane journey into an exciting and memorable experience.

If you've already been to Plitvice Lakes, don't fret; Krka National Park is also on the route of Zagreb and Split.

Krka National Park is the home of Europe's biggest travertine waterfall, known as the Krka Waterfalls. The park is about an hour's drive from the beautiful town of Skradin and the city of Split.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the transportation options we provide or if you need help creating a personalised plan for a day trip in Croatia. Our goal is to ensure you have a fantastic experience while in Croatia by providing you with transportation services and any information you could want.

If you are travelling by car from Zagreb to Split and have some spare time, there are a number of historical places not to miss along the way.

Here are some of the attractions to consider:

  1. Watermill Village of Rastoke
  2. Knin Fortress
  3. Zrmanja Canyon
  4. Klis Fortress – The Game of Thrones film location for Meree
  5. City of Zadar
  6. City of Trogir
  7. City of Sibenik
  8. Krka Waterfalls National Park
  9. Paklenica National Park

You can count on us at Welcome Center Croatia to assist you with making luxury travel arrangements, finding luxury villas, and utilising our other concierge services to relax, and make the most of your time in Croatia.

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