Krk Island - Travel Guide

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July 12, 2022
Krk Island - Travel Guide

Krk is the second biggest Croatian island situated in the North of the Adriatic sea. It's easily accessible by car, bus, boat, or plane since the Rijeka Airport is located on the island, and Krčki most connects it to the mainland. 

Around half a million tourists visit Krk every year, enjoying its spectacular climate, over 1,400 plant species, kilometers of biking and hiking trails, well-tended beaches, and rich gastro offerings accompanied by premium, locally grown wines.

Krk - The Golden Island

Krk - The Golden Island

Krk became known as the Golden Island in ancient times by the Romans. Beaches, sunsets, wines, and olive oils are the main reasons for its nickname.

With its surrounding islets, it makes the Krk archipelago a natural beauty worth visiting. Its diversified landscape changes from picturesque bays in the North, over fertile fields and dense forests in the middle, to karst and mountain-like sceneries in the South. 

A breathtaking holiday home!

Krk will impress you with a wide array of activities, including exploring the fascinating world of caves. Biserujka Cave is naturally decorated with calcareous sinters, stalagmites, and stalactites. It's also a shelter for six endemic steno species.

Visitors can find fascinating surroundings almost anywhere they look, and with those views also comes delicious cuisine.

Many say that Krk is a place where you can eat the best lamb dishes in Croatia. If you also love pasta, we recommend you try "šurlice zi žvacetom od janjčića," a truly local meal combining home-made pasta and lamb stew.

History of Krk Island

History of Krk Island

For thousands of years, Krk was ruled by many nations, and each of them left a lasting legacy. All these influences resulted in a rich traditional and cultural heritage which adds an extra dimension to your stay in Krk.

It's believed that the Illyrian tribes Japodes and Liburnians were the first to inhabit Krk, and after them came Romans. If you include Omišalj in your Krk itinerary, you can find the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Fulfinum, dating from the first century.

The Croats started coming to Krk in the sixth century and shortly became the majority population. But, from the 12th century on, Krk was occupied by Venetians, French, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and Italians. It wasn’t until the end of World War II that Krk came back to the hands of Croats.

All of these historical changes shaped the island into what it is today.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Krk

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Krk Croatia

Nature protection and cleanness of beaches and the sea are of utmost importance for local authorities and inhabitants, so many beaches on Krk island are awarded Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe. This prize is a clear indicator of high-quality coastal oases and the Adriatic Sea surrounding Krk.

Let’s check out some of the most beautiful beaches you can enjoy while staying on Krk.

Oprna, Stara Baška

Oprna is often considered the most beautiful beach on Krk and one of the top beaches in Croatia. It's a partly pebble and partly sand beach you can't reach with a car.

The gorgeous bay is situated near Stara Baška, and to experience it, you'll have to walk through pretty narrow trails or visit it with a boat from the sea. Since Oprna isn't easily accessible, it's a true gem for everyone who doesn't love crowded beaches. 

Visitors can rent deck chairs, parasols, and pedal boats during the season, while refreshments are available in the small beach bar.

Sveti Marek, Risika

Sveti Marek is the only fully sandy beach on Krk island, named after a small church whose ruins can be found near the beach.

Families with kids love Sveti Marek due to the shallow waters, big parking lot, and other comforts needed for a relaxing day at the beach with the little ones.

Vela plaža, Baška

If you're a  yachtsman or a surfer, you'll love Vela plaža due to the great waves pounding the shore. It's 1,800 meters long and proudly displays its Blue Flag, gained in 1999.

This all-natural beach is enriched with various amenities, from the beach bars to water slides with play areas, so it caters to many different people. Vela plaža doesn’t have natural shades, but there are always options for renting.

Kozica, Vrbnik

Kozica is a pebble beach in a secluded bay, also known as the Silent Beach. To reach the beach, you can leave your vehicle in a parking lot and continue a short walk through the aromatic pine forest.

There are no shops or bars near the beach, so it would be best to bring enough water and snacks to get you through the day because, trust us, you’re going to want to spend the whole day in the serenity of Kozica.

Jert, Pinezići

Another waterfront awarded by the Blue Flag is Jert on the west coast of Krk island. It’s perfect for families and a go-to place for many divers and various sports activities. Summer evenings are often sprinkled with music nights in nearby restaurants and bars.

The pine forest provides shade and refreshment on hot summer days. Parasols and deck chairs can be rented, and the beach is equipped with showers and changing rooms.  

Summer 2022 on Krk Island

Summer 2022 on Krk Island Croatia

The summer season is traditionally the busiest along the whole coast, and Krk is no different. From gastro to music festivals and free walking tours, Krk is more than just beaches and turquoise sea.

Below you can find a short overview of events happening this season on the Golden Island.

May 2022

Every Saturday in May, Malinska: Meet Dubašnica: Nordic Walking and Hiking

Free educational walks for all nature lovers to learn and discover more about the cultural sites of Dubašnica.

14 - 22 May, Baška: Adventure Race Croatia

An international race, 550 kilometers long, comes to Krk in May as a qualifying race for the AR World Series. It includes mountain biking, paddling, running, roping, and navigation.

20 - 22 May, City of Krk: Camino Krk Story: Guided Walks along the Camino Krk Route and Themed Talks

This 3-day free weekend program brings you on the 150 kilometers long journey with expert guidance, themed talks, refreshments, and organized transport. Don't worry; you won't walk for all 150 kilometers.

26 - 30 May, Malinska: Cheese and Maritime Heritage Days

A week of fun, old folk customs, great food, and even greater people. This year, the organizing committee prepared even more follow-up activities such as the opening of the DUBoak interpretation center, a regatta of traditional sailing boats, as well as a rich occasional entertaining program.

June 2022

5 - 12 June, Malinska: Island Dance Competition

An international dance festival of all age groups aimed to promote dance education at all levels, from beginner to professional.

11 June, Punat: Vocal Group Cambi Concert

Get to know traditional Croatian music with a mix of pop at an awarded vocal group Cambi concert.

19 June, Omišalj: Omišalj Regatta

The second edition of Omišalj Regatta, organized by the Yacht Club Croatia Opatija and Omišalj Tourist Board, takes advantage of the winds and waves of this part of the Adriatic Sea to give you the ultimate pleasure on the sea. Or you can sit and chill out on the boardwalk and enjoy watching with a cold drink in your hand.


1 - 15 July, Njivice: Krk Island from the Sea (Exhibition)

Meet Krk from the above on 30 big-scale HD photographs displayed on the Ribarska coast in Njivice.

23 - 24 July, Malinska: Malinska Nights

At various locations in town, visitors can enjoy tradition, local gastronomy, and entertainment that will please all your senses.

14 - 17 July, Njivice: Ice Cream Festival

Four days full of events and workshops made for the entire family. Street acrobats, magicians, creative workshops, face painting, and water balloon fights, all accompanied by some of the best local ice creams and desserts.

21 - 23 July, Omišalj: Evenings of Ancient Cuisine

A unique gastronomic and cultural event that will take you into ancient times when Romans ruled Krk. There will be gladiators, torches, Roman soldiers, street artists, and ancient music!


5 - 7 August, Baška: Fishermen’s Day

Since 1910, Baška has nurtured the tradition of fishing and developing skills needed for successful fishing. Music and many activities attract a number of visitors each year. Don’t forget to wear a shirt with stripes to blend in.

17 - 19 August, Baška: Baška Guitar Festival

Lovers of good music need to be in Baška in mid-August. Awarded with the Simply the Best reward, this festival brings some of the biggest names of jazz-rock fusion. 

19 August, Njivice: Fishermen’s Nights

Right by the sea, with a refreshing summer breeze, Njivice hosts Fishermen’s Nights with local fish dishes and live music for all generations.

Did You Know?

Valomet is unique sea champagne you can try on Krk. It's made exclusively with žlahtina from Vrbnik (high-quality dry white wine) and is left to mature at the bottom of the sea.

The 45th parallel passes through the Krk island.

A one-of-a-kind plant called Barbašova lazarkinja is an endemic species growing only in Bašćanska bay.

Krk has over 300 kilometers of hiking and biking trails.

Beaches on Krk wave 15 Blue Flags for quality and preservation. 

Klančić in Vrbnik is one of the narrowest streets in the world and can be found on Krk. You’ll probably have to hold your stomach in just to squeeze through it.

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