Which Documents Do You Need When Applying For Citizenship In Croatia?

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July 12, 2022
Which Documents Do You Need When Applying For Citizenship In Croatia?

As you can see in our guide on how to apply for Croatian citizenship, the first step when applying is filling in and submitting your application. But, in addition to the application form, there are many documents to be enclosed as supporting paperwork.

Citizenship Application Form

When acquiring Croatian citizenship, first, you need to check on which grounds you can request it.

The form provides several options:

  • Having a registered residence in Croatia
  • Being born in Croatia
  • Being married to a Croatian citizen
  • Previously moving out of Croatia or being married to a Croatian emigrant who has Croatian citizenship
  • By previous decision of the competent Ministry
  • Adoption
  • Requisition of the citizenship
  • Affiliation with the Croatian nation

The application comes with a questionnaire about the applicant's personal information, such as date of birth, marital status, nationality, and other data traditionally appearing in administrative forms.

Then comes the list of documents that need to be attached. Applicants should double-check the paperwork since one missing copy can make the authorities dismiss the application.

Resume / CV

In addition to the standard information, the candidate is expected to briefly describe the reasons for applying or a short motivation letter in the CV.

If you have emigrated from Croatia sometime in the past, your resume also has to contain the date of emigration.

Proof Of Citizenship

One of the requested documents is evidence of citizenship, such as a citizenship certificate or other official document that mentions or clearly indicates citizenship. This can also be a certified copy of your passport or ID card.

Birth Certificate

Every person submitting the request has to provide an extract from the registry of births issued on a standard form issued according to international agreements and conventions.

Marriage Certificate (If Applicable

Married persons or people in a civil partnership need to enclose the extract from the registry of marriages not older than six months or extract from the Registry of Civil Partnerships if applicable.

If the application is submitted on the grounds of marriage to a Croatian citizen, the marriage shall be registered in the Registry of Marriages in the Republic of Croatia.

Identity Card

Foreigners have to attach a certified copy of a valid identity document (passport, identification document for foreign nationals) with a clearly visible photograph to prove their identity.

A photograph on the document is vital. If you enclose a document without a photo, it will not meet the requirements of the Ministry.

Certificate Confirming The Absence Of Any Criminal Record

Obtaining Croatian citizenship also requires the evidence of no criminal record issued by the competent foreign authority of the country whose citizenship the applicant holds and in which they have permanent residence, in the original language or a duly certified copy with Croatian translation, not older than six months.

Emigration Certificate (If Applicable)

If a person has previously lived in Croatia and emigrated, they need a certified copy of a travel document or any other authentic instrument that underlies the emigration.

An Affiliation Statement (If Applicable)

Applicants on the ground of affiliation have to support their claims by a hand-written signature on the affiliation statement. Additionally, proof of national declaration is also needed. These can be employment records, military service records, school certificates, etc.

Information About The Child (If Applicable)

If the application is being submitted for the underaged child, the authorities will also request a valid document proving the child's identity, an extract from the registry of births, evidence of the child's citizenship status, and the child's statement that they agree with the request. The statement is needed only if the child is 14 or older.

Power Of Attorney (If Applicable)

If you opt for help in this process and hire a lawyer to make it easier for you, do not forget to enclose a power of attorney.

Help With The Documents

Since all the documents need to be in Croatian and the application form itself is in Croatian, you may need some help with translations, collecting the documents, and reviewing everything.

Lawyers with ample experience in immigration law and working with expats can provide you with advice and guidance and also do some preparation work for you.

Validating and reviewing your application, collecting documents, translating documents by a court-approved interpreter, providing help with CV… Many factors affect the final decision on approving your application, so getting professional services could be very beneficial.

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