Croatia Golden Visa - All you need to know

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May 21, 2023
Croatia Golden Visa - All you need to know

Croatia Golden Visa Program

Croatia Golden Visa is an immigration program offering affluent persons a residence permit in a foreign nation upon having significant investments in the country. It differs from a Golden Passport where you gain citizenship by an investment after residing in a foreign country for a specific period. If you consider the conditions to meet to acquire the Golden Visa, it is essential to access resources from Golden Visa programs. These programs offer technical expertise and consultations in assisting investors to acquire their Golden Visa.

Croatia is one of the most popular countries attracting foreign investors. Investing in Croatia is increasingly beneficiary due to the Croatia Golden Visa. The Croatia Residence Investor Program facilitates it by providing foreigners with permanent residence in Croatia in addition to other benefits when interested in relocating to the country. Investing in Croatia and registering particular foreign incomes merit a 100% tax exemption. This is among the several reasons that make the Golden Visa Program appealing.

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What are the requirements for a Golden Visa in Croatia in 2022?

The Croatia Residence Investor Program does not restrict a minimum amount of investments from nationalities of the European Union/ European Economic Area(EU/EEA) and non-EU/EEA. The mandatory requirement is proving that you have sufficient income to support your living in Croatia without relying on or requesting public funds. Another compulsory requirement is having health insurance. All applicants must have health insurance to enter the program. There are also considerations at the time of application that includes:

  1. You require a temporary residence permit at the onset.
  2. You require a valid Certificate of Reporting a Temporary Stay. The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of approval. 
  3. Non-European Economic Area citizens require a valid temporary work and stay permit. This has a validity of one year. 
  4. You may also include family members in the program.
  5. Croatian authorities validate your educational background and qualifications.

It is essential to note that non-EEA members seeking the Croatia Golden Visa must provide evidence of proof of ownership of no less than 51% of an enterprise in Croatia. It is a non-negotiable condition for inclusion in the program.

What are the benefits of having a permanent residence in Croatia in 2022?

Several merits encourage you to apply for a Croatia Golden Visa. As noted previously, foreigners who are holders of the country's Golden Visa receive beneficial tax exemptions for their varied incomes. Croatia is also well known for its economic stability and favourable living standards to ease your stay.

Once you access the Golden Visa you are also due to travel without restrictions within the European Union, Asia, and the United States.

Several foreigners with access to Croatia Golden Visa value these advantages. There is further information on available investment programs and the procedure for company registration in Croatia in 2022.

Does Croatia offer foreigners citizenship by investment?

Indeed, foreigners can acquire citizenship by investing in Croatia. The requirement for this to be guaranteed is investing in Croatia a minimum of 100,000 Euros. The investment amount is directed towards the formation of a company in Croatia that results in employment opportunities. Additionally, you must satisfy critical conditions during your residence period in the country. To gain citizenship by investment in Croatia, you must live a minimum of eight years continuously in the nation.

There is an alternative for those who may not want to form a company in the country to gain citizenship. As a foreigner, purchasing properties rather than opening a company still guarantees citizenship with other factors constant. The Golden Visa program for Croatia contains every procedure, regulation, and formalities. These are all simple, straightforward, and easy, especially after engaging with our agents. Our agents assist you in forming your company in Croatia and save you the hassle of the logistics and bureaucracies of visiting the country. They guarantee you fast, reliable, and efficient handling.

Several benefits accompany citizenship by investment through the Golden Visa Program in Croatia. As a foreigner, once you gain citizenship in Croatia you effectively acquire dual citizenship. You have the right to access every social system in the country just as you do in your country of origin.

Benefits of Investing in Croatia as a Foreigner in 2022

Foreign investors view investments in Croatia as an ideal venture as the country provides complementary benefits to your investment. The economic stability of the country guarantees positive returns on your investment. It also facilitates you to access a wide range of prolific markets and establish your presence. The government also offers particular incentives and benefits to foreign investments.

Certain sectors are prominent to international investors due to the high generation of profits. These include IT, Tourism, Manufacturing, Food Industry, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Agriculture, Energy, and Textile. The favourable business environment in Croatia facilitates investing in Croatia by foreigners. Foreigners gain access to an intuitive, skilled, and reliable workforce that accelerates the success of their businesses. Moreover, the workforce is multilingual. There is an ease in communication with the locals in understanding the market and products. It is a critical element that serves foreign investors investing in Croatia. Visit benefits of investing in Croatia for more information.

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