How To Apply For Citizenship In Croatia In 2024

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February 9, 2024
How To Apply For Citizenship In Croatia In 2024

Croatia is one of the most Instagram-famous countries out there, thanks to its natural beauties, exquisite cuisine, and casual lifestyle. So it is not surprising that many people decide to take advantage of many benefits and a more relaxed way of living.

A new home also means dealing with the paperwork, permits, and visas. Depending on the country you are coming from, you will need to meet specific requirements and submit an application with the supporting documents.

Types Of Visas For Entering Croatia

If your current country is on the list of countries/entities that need a visa for entering Croatia (you can check the visa requirement status here), you will have to apply and send in the paperwork before entering the country (maximum six months earlier for a short-stay visa and two months for a long-term visa).

Visas are submitted in person at the competent embassy/consular office or a VFS Global Visa Application Center. You can fill it in online, but you need to print it out, sign and bring to the nearest embassy. There is no possibility to obtain a visa upon arrival.

There are two main types of visas for entering Croatia.

Short-Stay Visa (C Visa)

A C Visa can be valid for up to five years, depending on the circumstances. It is issued for short-term visits, whose total duration cannot exceed three months in any 6-month period from the date of your first entry. You can use it for tourist, business, or personal visits.

Long-Stay Visa

A long-stay or D visa enables third-country citizens who were granted a temporary stay or a work permit to stay in Croatia for 30 days. In this period, they have to contact the local Police Department to resolve their residency.

Find out more detailed information about visas and the application process here.

Applying For Croatian Citizenship: Prerequisites And The Process

There are several different grounds on which a person can acquire Croatian citizenship:

  • residing in Croatia
  • being born in Croatia
  • being married to or in a civil partnership with a Croatian citizen
  • emigration
  • having an interest in the Republic of Croatia
  • affiliation with the Croatian nation
  • reacquisition of Croatian citizenship

If a person has an approved temporary residence in Croatia, the application for citizenship needs to be submitted to the Police Department. In case the applicant does not reside in Croatia, the documentation can be turned over in the diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Republic of Croatia abroad.

A comprehensive guide on which documents you should prepare when applying for citizenship in Croatia in 2023 is available on our website.

Citizenship Application Explained Step By Step

Below we will explain the whole procedure of applying for Croatian citizenship step by step.

Step 1:The first thing to do is to submit the application, together with all the requested citizenship documents, to the local Police Department if you are already residing in Croatia or the diplomatic missions / consular offices if you are abroad.

Step 2:For the applicants who made the request abroad, the diplomatic mission / consular office will send them a written request to come and pick up the decree. If you are one of them, you can skip step number 3 and go straight to number 4.

If a person submits the request in Croatia, the Police Department will send them a written request to come and pick up the decree, but with the administrative fee of 1,050.00 HRK (≈140.00 EUR).

Step 3: Paying the administrative fee according to the slip you will get in the Police Department:

  • Recipient: Državni proračun Republike Hrvatske
  • IBAN: HR1210010051863000160
  • Reference number: HR64-5002-713

The fee can be paid in the post office (Hrvatska pošta), Fina, any bank, or via mobile/internet banking.

Step 4: Now it's time to collect the decree and enjoy your newly gotten citizenship and all its perks.

Special Requirement For The Applicants On The Grounds Of Residence In Croatia

Persons who are applying for Croatian citizenship based on them living in Croatia and are younger than 60 have one additional requirement, and that is proving the knowledge of Croatian language and culture. That includes the Latin alphabet, culture, and social structures in Croatia.

The demonstration is done in front of the police officer and through a questionnaire.

In case of any dilemmas or uncertainties, you can always contact the State Secretary for Immigration, Citizenship, and Administrative Affairs on a phone number +385 1 3788 646 or via email at

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