Book a private chef for your occasion in Croatia

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May 21, 2023
Book a private chef for your occasion in Croatia

If you want to surprise your visitors with a delectable dinner that leaves them wanting more, you might consider hiring a private cook in Croatia. Our private chefs come from various parts of the world, each specialising in unique cuisines. Choose from Italian, French, or other cuisines like Caribbean or Asian to present your guests with a memorable dining experience. We give our customers the finest ingredients and ensure our chefs stick to their culinary traditions rather than experimenting with new dishes that may not be as great as anticipated.

Gourmet Dishes by a Private Cook in Croatia

Gourmet food in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a lovely city with a rich cultural and historical background. Several restaurants in the city serve high-quality food, but there are also locations where you can experience something unique. One of these destinations is Gourmet Bistro – it serves gourmet dishes cooked by private chefs renowned for their exquisite meals. We recommend contacting this restaurant in advance if you wish to dine there, since they could be booked entirely during peak tourist seasons or for other important events like birthday parties.

Gourmet food in Split

Split is among Croatia's most popular coastal resorts as it blends an incredible beach with historically significant monuments from several periods (from Roman times to Medieval times). Several restaurants serve traditional Dalmatian food and international cuisines such as Asian, Italian, and French. However, if you want something truly exceptional, we recommend Gourmet Kitchen Split, whose private chefs will cook gourmet meals with flavours only familiar to locals.

Looking for a private chef for your occasion in Croatia?

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Hire Private Chefs to Impress your guest

Hiring a private chef can be a wonderful way to wow your guests when planning a significant celebration. Special events like birthday celebrations and wedding anniversaries deserve a lavish feast. Do not concern yourself with meal preparation or determining where to get food. Instead, hire a private chef in Croatia and have them take care of your guests' demands during the event. A private chef will ensure that your guests have a wonderful time at your celebration or event by attending to their needs.

If you're considering hiring a private chef for your next event in Croatia, consider the following:

  • Evaluate the menu - Combining traditional Croatian food with popular international favourites can produce a sumptuous meal. For example, you can serve handmade pasta Fagioli (beans soup) with fillet mignon. This mixture provides traditional and contemporary tastes while remaining true to Croatian cuisine.
  • Develop a cost-effective package depending on the guest list - If you are hosting 30 people for supper at your house, it makes sense for everyone to dine together at a single table; rather than setting up two side-by-side tables so everyone has their place. You'll also want to evaluate whether there will be adequate room in your kitchen for everyone to have space when cooking meals.

Let a professional be in charge of the food

A private chef takes care of your gourmet food and drinks – all you need to do is show up!

We understand what it's like to arrange an event – there are myriads of things to coordinate. Your private chef will be responsible for all food-related aspects of your party or event, allowing you to focus on essential matters. Your visitors will have nothing but applaud the quality and diversity of the food while enjoying your company.

Our expert chefs stick to only the highest quality ingredients

All our ingredients come from local farms, growers, and marketplaces. Everything is organic and fresh. Our ingredients are also sustainable and of the best quality in Croatia.

Serve your visitors excellent dishes

Gourmet meals are a visual and gustatory delight. They are unique and elegant and create quite an unforgettable experience. We believe every event deserves a special touch, including your upcoming gathering with friends or family.

Our private chef service allows you to commemorate any occasion in Croatia with delicious meals that our private chef service prepares. We provide customised menus depending on your taste preferences, dietary restrictions, or food allergies so that you can enjoy a range of local specialities prepared here in Croatia by our skilled and dedicated chefs.

Here are some of the services our private chefs can offer:

  • Villas - For a week-long stay or a unique, romantic proposal dinner, you can hire a private chef to cook for you in your private luxury villa on the Adriatic coast.
  • Yachts - Whether you want a skipper-chef or a luxury yacht charter and a chef depends mostly on how many people are in your group, but both will make your trip along Croatia's famous coast more fun.
  • Events - Everything from wedding dinners to destination bar mitzvahs and small bites to five-course wine-paired menus.

Visitors rave about their culinary experience

Private chefs can use their culinary skills to dazzle your visitors. These private chefs are trained to prepare gourmet, healthful, and numerous other meals for private dining occasions. These chefs can provide various services in Croatia, including culinary courses and private dinners.

Selection of private chefs

Croatia offers a wealth of culinary expertise as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With this in mind, we have chosen our private chefs with great care to ensure that, regardless of the style of food you choose or the money you have set aside for the occasion, we can help you discover the ideal fit. Our highly-skilled chefs will work directly with you to ensure your event goes as planned. If necessary, they will also offer recommendations on wine pairings and beverage selection.

When choosing a private chef, one must first evaluate their credentials and experience. Our chefs are specialists in their fields with numerous years of experience – therefore, they know how to cook every meal so visitors can rave about it!


You should not be concerned about the food or drinks at your special event. With our variety of private chefs, you can be assured that you are partnering with the best professionals in the industry. These professionals will handle everything from beginning to end, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the event without worrying if the meals will arrive on time. When you hire our private chef services, an experienced chef who understands how to make every cuisine a success will prepare your meals.

Looking for a private chef for your occasion in Croatia?

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