Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia

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May 21, 2023
Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia

We know, Croatian cuisine is famous for traditional fish and meat dishes, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot find alternative restaurants and choices. No worries - you will not go hungry even if you are a veggie lover!

Croatian cities adapted quickly to the need for different lifestyles – offering all sorts of restaurants from vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, raw, etc. We will list some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Croatia that lead the wind of change when talking about the gastro scene in Croatia

Zrno Bio bistro

Starting from the capital city of Zagreb, the first vegan & vegetarian restaurant that we would recommend is Zrno bio bistro. The first 100% organic & vegan restaurant in Croatia offers vegetables collected from their farm but also local producers. On their menu, you can find sessional, fresh, and local meals - from quinoa salads, falafel, miso, and sesame soup and veggie variants of classic dishes.

Don’t worry there are also delicious choices of desserts, and the vibe of the bistro feels like a soothing oasis after you had a busy day in the city.


Continuing with the highlights from Zagreb, Vegehop is a small but yummy restaurant specializing in raw foods, vegan and vegetarian dishes & gluten-free options. They offer different daily menus – from soups, salads, vegetables, and grains at a budget-friendly price. Vegehop also makes more traditional dishes but with a modern twist – moussakas, lasagnas, and even tortillas. For dessert? Pancakes are made with healthy wholemeal flour that can be topped with fresh juice or kombucha. We don’t lie Vegehop is a dream come true for any environmentally conscious food-lover.

Oaza Joyful Kitchen

The third place on our list is a small gem situated in the upper town of Zagreb on Radićeva street. Oaza Joyful Kitchen. As they say, Oaza Joyful Kitchen is a fast-casual, plant-based restaurant that offers homemade fresh dishes made with a mixture of Ayurvedic influence. The core of their philosophy is offering daily house-cooked menus and meals that are creative and innovative but also – delicious. A place that should not be missed if you are on a quest for vegan or vegetarian options!

Pandora Green Box

Heading to the south, when in Split do not miss Pandora Green Box, settled in the old town and stylishly decorated (with a lot of plants!) and pleasant ambiance this restaurant & bar is the place to be. Here you start your day with delicious acai bowls, juices, and smoothies and continue with delicious lunch or dinner. They even offer a wide range of cocktails as well as a gluten-free beer so Pandora Green Box will not disappoint you no matter what your choice for the day will be.


Just a 10-minute walk from the old town of Split, there is a little restaurant called Upcafe that offers organic, homemade, local, fresh, seasonal, and cooked by the owner. They are proud to say that you eat 100% natural cuisine that doesn’t support the use of pesticides, additives, or GMOs. Try their falafels, hemp burgers, or fluffy desserts. You will come back for more, we guarantee!


For the lovers of acai and poke bowls, MakaMaka in the old town of Split is the place for you! Causal vegetarian-friendly restaurant, specializing in Hawaiian food. Besides these two gems, they also offer various smoothies and matcha tea. As a rare exclusively vegetarian place in Split, MakaMaka is a place to visit, particularly for fans of Hawaiian-style food.

Urban Veggie

When considering eating vegan & vegetarian style in Dubrovnik Urban Veggie is the place we would recommend.

Owned by a successful triathlete, this restaurant offers infinite nutritious possibilities. They use seasonal, locally grown, GMO-free organic produce and firmly follow the ecological and sustainable way of preparation. This place is a paradise for any true veggie – from homemade egg-free mayo, plant-based sandwiches, and healthy soups – all made with local, Mediterranean ingredients making this to be the Mediterranean plant-based vegan cuisine restaurant.

Urban Veggie is located in Dubrovnik’s historic port of Gruž and their garden terrace is a perfect chill spot.


The name of the restaurant Nishta (ništa means nothing in Croatian) does not sound promising but this restaurant is the go-to place if you are looking for100% vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Nishta has a different menu for each day which gives you plenty of possibilities. From zucchini lasagne, pea-mint-coconut soup falafels made with chickpeas, lettuce wraps, burgers made from barley, beans, and smoked seitan.

O.DA Bar

If you are looking for a place in Šibenik where you can eat a delicious snack, sandwich, cake, cake, or ice cream, without wondering what unhealthy ingredients are in them and how many 'empty' calories they have, then O.DA bar is the right place for you! This vegan/vegetarian bar prepares healthy food, juices, smoothies, ‘raw’ cakes, and pies,  but also Turkish coffee with plant-based milk. All foods used in the preparation are organic, without lactose, gluten, refined white sugar, and eggs.


And last, but not least – the Makrovega restaurant in Rijeka is among our top picks for vegetarian restaurants in Croatia. Located in the city center, this place promotes a healthy diet & overall lifestyle: macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and veganism. There is usually a daily menu with a variety of dishes such as miso soups, maneštra, lasagna, moussaka, cereal and vegetable meatballs, breaded vegetables, and tofu, pies, sarma, pizza, seaweed, cakes and pancakes, natural juices and teas.

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