Nautika - Dubrovnik's Finest Restaurant

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May 21, 2023
Nautika - Dubrovnik's Finest Restaurant

Are you looking for a nice, romantic place to enjoy dinner with your partner or family? There is no better place than the Nautika Restaurant. It is located at the very far end of the sea at Pile near the western entrance of the Old City of Dubrovnik. Nautika Restaurant is specifically situated in what was formerly known as Dubrovnik School of Maritime Studies, a strategic location that has been getting special visits from famous seafarers since 1881.

The restaurant still serves to preserve the rich history of that place while maintaining the serene, amazing atmosphere of Dubrovnik’s reign as a country. Nautika Restaurant, in 2008, was named one of the best romantic restaurants worldwide (6th) by the top-rated and respected magazine Condé Nast Traveller. Also, it hosted Saint Paul II on 6th June 2003, what an honour!

Diners can have the best time of their lives from Nautika Restaurant’s unique terraces that offer an amazing view of the fortresses (Lovrijenac and Bokar) and the Adriatic. The restaurant has an experienced chief chef, Mario Bunda, who leads a team of chefs responsible for offering mouth-watering dishes from delicacies from the Adriatic's local waters to lobster from Vis, Dalmatian island.

Cousins offered in the Nautika Restaurant:

Cousins offered in the Nautika Restaurant

The Nautika Restaurant is proud of its services that involve transforming something beautiful into something exceptional. The chef’s work is simple: to make diners happy and begins just as that of Mother Nature (the craftsmen) ends. This amazing restaurant is principled in combining quality, tradition and creativity by offering a refined, innovative style of Mediterranean cuisine.

In everything that Nautika does, it always tries to go natural and local, from people farming the vegetables to seafood suppliers. Therefore, suppliers can be seen down in the Dubrovnik harbour getting the fresh catch from the local fishermen.

The lobster served in Nautika restaurant comes from the Island of Vis, while many fish species and shrimp come straight from the Adriatic, explaining why there are always healthy and fresh all the time. Other than the famous seafood dishes prepared in Nautika, there are also vegetarian and finest meat dishes for all to enjoy.


Phone: +38520442526

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