7 Croatian Wines You Must Try

updated on
March 15, 2023
7 Croatian Wines You Must Try

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It features some of the most fabulous and incredible oceanic views and offers visitors fantastic island-hopping opportunities. It is one of the most popular Eastern European holiday destinations receiving thousands of global visitors.

Our island-hopping cruises are a great way to explore the stunning Croatian coastline. Therefore, you should book a cruise to take a cultural break with a difference and enjoy the iconic destination. You will also get to enjoy the wine in Croatia.

The Wine Market in Croatia

The Croatian wine market is fast becoming more defined and accessible. Croatia boasts 64 distinct grape types, more than 800 wineries, and 20,000 winemakers. For this reason, many wine connoisseurs and foodies are now travelling to Croatia.

Additionally, the Croatian wine market has also adopted a new classification for wine production. The market classified wine producers and sommeliers into four regions; Dalmatia, Slovania & Danube, Uplands, and Istria & Kvarner. The four regions are divided further into a dozen sub-regions. Traditionally, there were only two regions; continental and coastal wine production.

If you are travelling to Croatia, below are seven must-try wines:


This is a full-bodied Croatian red wine. It is produced from dark blue-red grapes common in the Dalmatia wine region. This fruity wine from Sibenik, Dalmatia, features a strong density and taste. It also boasts traces of spices, rich berries, and plums. It is one of the best wines to try in Croatia.


This is a popular Croatian wine from Hvar island. It features an incredibly floral aroma and light yet refreshing taste. The wine is truly a “gift from God.”


This is the go-to wine pairing for fish and seafood dishes. This wine is produced from golden yellow grapes. The grapes produce a fantastic citric herbal taste with refreshing tones. Debit is a wine from the central and northern Croatian coast. As it matures, the wine develops a similar taste as Vermouth.


This is a robust wine made from plavac mali grapes. The flavorful wine from Peljesac Peninsula features an attractive dark red to purple color. This premium quality Croatian wine is usually served on special occasions. Therefore, if you are looking for wine for a special moment in Croatia, this is what you should ask for.


If you are unsure about the right wine to pair with your food, Malvazija is the way to go. This dry white wine is ideal for pairing with various foods. The wine is made from white grapes grown in the Istria region. Thanks to its white pepper and dried grass traces, this wine has a lovely citrus aroma and an intense flavor.


Your trip to Croatia would be incomplete without tasting Croatia’s most popular red wine, Plavac Mali. This flavorful wine is made from various wines grown in Dalmatia and Peljesac. Plavac features distinct ripe cherry flavor and notes of spice and pepper. The wine also has a high percentage of alcohol and is packed with tannins. You can also take this wine back home and let it age as it is known to age well.


This is a popular white wine from the Dalmatia region. The Hvar and Korcula produced wine is made with grapes from the coast of Croatia. Despite its strong aroma, the fruity wine features refreshing notes. Posip pairs perfectly with fresh seafood, summery salads, and grilled fish.

Despite the country’s thriving wine market, wine-tasting in Croatia is still a relatively untapped area. Most visitors do not realize that Croatians are passionate winemakers and make some of the best wines for generations. Therefore, this is a chance to explore an untapped area and make the most of your trip to Croatia.

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