Virtual office in Zagreb - All you need to know

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May 21, 2023
Virtual office in Zagreb - All you need to know

Before going any further, you must understand what is a virtual office and how it works. A virtual office is simply a service that provides your business with a physical address, even though you will operate remotely. The service also includes several office-related services as part of your monthly "rent." Even if it has a physical mailing address and functions as a single office unit, you can still work mostly from home or even use services offered from other places.

Ralph Gregory introduced the idea in 1994 under the name "The Virtual Office", Inc.," which is where the idea first originated from. The services you get from a virtual office include mailing assistance, phone answering, conference room access, and more. The popularity of virtual offices has dramatically increased due to the development of virtual office software that provides communication and collaboration capabilities, including screen sharing, video conferencing, and messaging services.

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Renting a virtual office is much less expensive than leasing, equipping, and maintaining a full physical space because there are no lengthy leases. Moreover, there's no need to hire additional administrative or janitorial employees and no utility bills to be paid on-site. Brands that value the comfort and adaptability that comes with having their team members work remotely are drawn to virtual offices.

How to Use a Virtual Office in Croatia

Virtual offices are quite easy-to-use. They don't always have a single location where they exist, but they work as a single entity to provide services to their members and clients. You can pay a subscription fee (some companies may call this "virtual rent"). Compared to typical rent and commercial leases, this is substantially less expensive. More details about the functions of a virtual office will be discussed later in this guide.

Who Requires a Virtual Office in Croatia?

  1. Businesses that want to set up in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Serbia, or Slovenia.
  2. Businesses that aim to reduce fixed operational costs while maintaining productivity and competitiveness.
  3. Businesses that do a lot of fieldwork and wish to do away with an actual office.

Why Do You Need A Virtual Office?

An official physical address and a great representation of your organisation is important. If you have a business in Croatia, you can achieve this by getting a virtual office. Before beginning any business activities, entrepreneurs looking to do market research and testing may consider having a virtual office in Croatia as a starting point. We advise you to take into account the virtual office services in Zagreb if you want to perform your business operations professionally.

What is Included in a Virtual Office Package in Zagreb?

  1. A reputable business address in Zagreb that may be used as a safe avenue for client communications.
  2. A registered office is a requirement for opening any Croatian company.
  3. Mail gathering and forwarding - Mail is gathered, parcels are signed for, and then they are delivered to you in accordance with your requests by email, fax, or mail.
  4. Use a local fax number to receive and send faxes, and have them delivered to you at any location.
  5. A local telephone in Croatia's Zagreb, with an option to forward all calls.

The Advantages of a Virtual Office in Zagreb

One of the main perks is the reduced cost of a virtual office unlike a traditional one, and this is advantageous for international business owners. These services can be advised for small investors because they come at a lesser cost than that of an actual office. Then, if the business expands, you can consider the idea of getting an actual office.

Boosts the Business' Credibility

Trustworthiness is vital in any business, and this idea of a virtual office will facilitate this. Having a physical business address distinct from your residential one will make you appear more professional and assist in establishing trust with potential customers, even if you run your business entirely online from your home.

Ask yourself this question: Would you be more likely to trust a company with a solid record for success if it were located in a remote residential area of the city?

Small Businesses also Benefit from Virtual Office Services

Even if you're running a small business, you may create a positive first impression and establish a solid reputation by using the services offered by a virtual office address. Your plan will give you a professional setting to meet with clients and other stakeholders if you include meeting room usage as part of the needed services. This is preferable to relying on crowded coffee shops and public areas!

In many of these conference rooms, you may give presentations and communicate with individuals remotely, thanks to virtual office services' conferencing technology.

Additionally, having a virtual office will increase your credibility with organisations like credit bureaus. Most small entrepreneurs must establish their business credit, which is significantly simpler if you have a separate business address.

Registering with business directories will also be made possible by having a business address at a commercial virtual office location. When evaluating your credit application, business credit agencies consult information from various databases, which increases the likelihood that you will be approved.

You Get a Virtual Assistant

As part of the virtual office services, you get a virtual assistant who handles the business calls, bank statement collecting, emails, faxes, and many other tasks. Additionally, the virtual assistant is in charge of organising the meetings with prospective clients and partners.

What Other Services are Included in a Virtual Office in Zagreb?

Apart from the services mentioned above, you also get to enjoy a dedicated fax service with your own number, call redirecting thanks to the specialised technology that enables call redirection to a number of your choice. You also get bank statements collected and additional meeting room usage as a few extra services provided by a virtual office in Croatia. Our experts can provide qualified assistance if you also want to know more about Taxes and Taxation in Croatia.

A Virtual Office Package that Includes Digital Services

Technology is a vital part of our virtual office services in Croatia. These services assist organisations and business people who desire effective resource access and the necessary flexibility in a changing environment. A foreign business owner in Croatia can also request:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Website domains
  • Online phone systems
  • Online digital storage
  • Video conferencing

This is in addition to the physical resources such as desk spaces and private offices, conference rooms, and printing that are included in the virtual office packages. An entrepreneur can also seek cloud-based applications and select from the available Croatian options depending on the progress of the firm there. Let us introduce to you our virtual office packages, so that you can select one based on your requirements. These packages are available to all business owners who do not wish to establish a traditional office.

How much does a virtual office cost?

A virtual office package includes a company address, mail receipt with local pick-up, and the choice of mail forwarding for a modest additional price are often included with a basic virtual office service. Unless you want to use additional services, you will typically pay a basic fixed monthly charge after paying an initial setup fee of about €100-150.

A basic virtual office subscription will cost you between €50 and €100 per month. Note that other factors will determine how much you pay. Such factors include the neighbourhood.

The Historical Development of Virtual Offices

The idea of a virtual office was created prior to the industrial revolution and naturally evolved from the need to convert a physical office in a way that was both cost-effective and not just restricted. Given the costs associated with hiring staff and leasing office space, the idea of a virtual office was swiftly adopted thanks to technology in the middle of the 20th century. Initially, in the 1960s it was known as a serviced office since it included conference rooms, furnished suites, telephone answering, and reception services. The development of the internet later in the 1980s was also crucial and unquestionably revolutionary for many modern ideas, including the virtual office.

The phrase "virtual office," coined in 1982 by John Markoff, an American writer who was intensely interested in the advancement of technology and its effects on society, was sustained even better by the portable computer which was made in 1981. The first virtual assistant was created in 1984, and Richard Nissen later registered the virtual office in the UK. In the 2000s, the wholesale idea of the packages was created, enabling business owners worldwide to expand their operations quickly and effectively.

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Virtual Office Current Trends

Although the idea of a virtual office was formerly criticised for allowing scammers to use fictitious addresses and phone numbers, things are very different now that many organisations that provide virtual office services focus on security measures and similar matters. In terms of new trends, flexible workspaces enable businesspeople to collaborate from anywhere in the world and create an open-ended meta-office culture. Modern technology's development of the virtual office concept, particularly in the telecommunication sector, allows users to connect to their organisations very quickly.

For instance, there is a lot of interest in legal virtual offices from those who want to offer these services remotely and from clients who want to make it easier to hire a lawyer remotely. This is sometimes referred to as a virtual law practice, which offers the required services without the need to establish a physical location while allowing full access to email, fax, phone calls, conference rooms, and many other services. The services offered are virtual legal services that can also be accessed through applications and linked websites. Today's trends include offering legal services, which is crucial when considering how a business can grow anywhere with appropriate and customised services. We invite you to learn more about the services offered and intended to attract foreigners looking to expand their businesses in Croatia without having to look for an actual office, as well as about the customised virtual office packages available in Croatia.

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