Top Relocating Companies to Consider When Moving to Croatia from Abroad

updated on
June 28, 2023
Top Relocating Companies to Consider When Moving to Croatia from Abroad

Relocating is one of the most hectic processes anyone could endure. It takes a lot of work and can cause significant stress. It is even harder if you are relocating from one country to another. For instance, if you are moving from abroad to Croatia. The trick is to work with a good relocating company.

Croatia features a wide range of companies for foreign nationals looking for relocation services. Therefore, if you are an expact planning to relocate to Croatia, you will not be disappointed by the services and options. Most of the relocating companies offer excellent intercultural experiences. However, the best option usually depends on the client’s relocation needs. Therefore, it is often recommended that you research and compare which company fits your needs the best.

The best relocation company will ensure the safety of your belongings through proper preparation and experience. The company will also send you a team of experts since relocation is not a one-man’s job. Therefore, you can enjoy a stress-free and efficient relocation process with the right company.

Top Relocating Companies When Moving to Croatia from Abroad

If you are moving to Croatia from abroad, you will benefit from an international relocating company to make the process hassle-free and worthwhile. Below are some of the best relocating companies in and for Croatia;

AGS Movers Zagreb

This company is a member of the AGS Movers Group. Its main office is in Zagrebačka 119, 10410 Velika, Gorica, Croatia. AGS Movers Group has companies in more than a hundred and twenty locations globally. This relocation company has dedicated seventeen years of quality moving services to international and local movers in Croatia. The company has perfected its international removal, packing, long, and short-term services in almost two decades. Like other AGC Movers Companies, this one serves many clients, from diplomats, expats, and families, to corporations and organizations. AGS Movers Zagreb uses eco-friendly methods of good delivery. It also employs multilingual staff to cater to its global clients.


Zagreb-Dean Ltd was created in 1999 for the sole purpose of helping families and businesses relocate to Croatia. Its services are international and domestic, office and diplomatic moves, storage, insurance, and customs formalities. This international moving company works hard to ensure comfortable and convenient relocation services.

The Croatian relocation company offers free consultations and surveys to potential clients. The company also focuses on communication as a key for providing quality services. Clients are also allowed to communicate their satisfaction levels with the company’s services. It is the go-to company for quality, efficient, guided, and tailored services.

Allied Pickfords Croatia

Allied Pickfords Croatia relocation company is designed to allow international moves a relaxed and hassle-free moving experience. Perhaps the best decision you would make when relocating to Croatia is trusting Allied Pickfords Croatia. A personal move manager is assigned to you when you contact the company. The move manager will address all your relocating concerns and guide you in every phase of the process. In addition, the moving company maintains quality services through counselling, communication, and constant monitoring. Allied Pickfords Croatia guarantees secure transportation through premium and first-class vehicles and materials. This allows them to transport even the most unique of goods. Therefore, if you think your moving needs are unique and challenging, Allied Pickfords Croatia is the place to go.

Santa Fe Relocation Service

Santa Fe Relocation Service is a global mobility company specializing in managing and delivering high-quality global relocating services. The company primarily services companies and their employees relocating and settling in a new company.

Therefore, Santa Fe Relocation Service assists clients’ immigration, home and school, cultural training, language, and cultural training. The company also helps with managing property rentals and delivering domestic and international moves for household goods. Santa Fe Relocation offers consistent service standards for all clients across six continents.

Relocating pets in Croatia

If you own a pet, you wouldn’t want to leave it behind when relocating. However, there are various rules for relocating pets in various regions. For instance, when relocating pets in Croatia, specific documents, like a certificate of health from a veterinarian, are required. The certificate must be issued at least ten days before the travel and written in English and Croatian. You also need your passport and your pet’s, a vaccination record, a microchip attached to your furry companion, and a proforma invoice with value. It is worth mentioning that the documents depend on the foreign national’s country of origin or the requirements by the Croatian Agriculture, Fisheries, and Rural Development Ministry. Failure to meet these requirements will force you to get separated from your furry companion. Working with a pet relocation expert will come in handy.

Move One Pet Transportation (ZAG)

Move One Pet Transportation is a great source of assistance when relocating your pets. In addition, the company provides worldwide clients with integrated assignment assistance when relocating internationally. For instance, the company will help you meet all the requirements when relocating pets. The company also offers removal services from different parts of the world. The services are tailored to the clients’ needs and requirements. Move One Pet Transportation (ZAG) has offices in Zagreb, Croatia, and Central and Eastern Europe. There are also offices in Asia and the Middle East.

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