Pet friendly luxury villas in Croatia

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May 21, 2023
Pet friendly luxury villas in Croatia

We know you love your pets because you wouldn’t want to leave them behind when you go on a holiday. There is a solution for that and we have a selection of luxury villas in Croatia that will accommodate your pets and your entourage. The pet friendly luxury villas will make your pets feel at home and relax because there are a lot of amenities available. If you want to explore nature together or play in the garden take them with you on your holiday.

Croatia is among the most pet friendly country in Europe. Croatia has a long history of animal welfare and is one of the most animal-friendly countries in Europe. After World War II, Croatia joined the United Nations, signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and ratified the international animal rights conventions.  In addition to these legal protections, Croatia has important advantages over other European countries. The country has an abundance of natural beauty, including mountains, forests, national parks and the sea, which is ideal for walking dogs and playing with cats on the sandy beaches. In fact, you don't even have to leave town if you want to spend time outdoors with your pets. Coastal towns offer plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air and exercise together as a family.

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Pet friendly hotels and villas in Croatia

Most luxury hotels and luxury villas in Croatia are pet-friendly, so you can be sure your four-legged friend will have a great time. Some properties even have special amenities for them, such as pet-friendly areas or dog walking services.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a hotel or villa for your dog is whether or not there is an outdoor space where they can play safely. Some places have small balconies with high walls - these might be fine if you're staying somewhere like Split, where there's a lot of grass nearby.

If you are staying in a more rural location, you might be better off looking for hotels/apartments with large gardens or playgrounds on site!

Pets must be leashed at all times when outside, but there are no rules for them to be inside the property. Some properties have strict policies about accepting pets. Please contact the property directly to find out if they allow people with pets to stay.

Some hotels charge an extra fee for on-site pets; others require a refundable deposit of up to €150 per pet. The exact amount may differ depending on the location and resort.

Enjoying your holiday in Croatia with your pets

You may wonder why people choose Croatia as a holiday destination for them and their family. Lots of people have included pets into the family fold and Croatia creates that opportunity for you to enjoy your holiday with your family. Croatia has some of the cleanest beaches in Europe and along its coastline you can find many wonderful sites inhabited by feral dog populations. The Croatian government has even set up a special office dedicated to the care of these animals.

Feel safe when you book a pet friendly villa in Croatia with us

Our company is dedicated to give you and your family the best holiday. We have a selection of pet friendly luxury villas in Croatia that will give you the holiday experience of a lifetime. If you want to book with us, we have the properties and amenities to ensure you and your pets have a good holiday.

Your pets will have as much fun as you do

In Croatia we have luxury hotels and luxury villas that will take care of your pets. Your four-legged friend will be involved in various activities such as walking on the beach or going on a train ride with you. In Croatia your pets are welcome in restaurants, cafes, beaches and parks. Your experience will be mirrored on your pets and they will have as much fun as you.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the perfect villa in Croatia, Welcome Center Croatia has the best selection of luxury villas in Croatia for you and your pets. Our villas have everything you need, they are beautiful, comfortable and are welcoming to your pets. You can feel safe when booking with us because we have your best interests at heart. We will ensure your pets are well taken care of and have as much fun as you do.

Looking for a pet friendly luxury accommodation in Croatia?

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