Laser hair removal in Croatia - The best clinics

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May 21, 2023
Laser hair removal in Croatia - The best clinics

The medical tourism sector in Croatia is relatively new. Despite it being a new concept in the Croatian market, foreign patients already appreciate the medical services in the country. There has been a significantly increased demand for these services in Croatia due to the rising costs of private care and waiting periods in other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The European nation has developed high-quality and affordable treatments from highly experienced and qualified medical professionals. Its medical centers are equipped with modern equipment and welcoming staff to ensure patients experience exceptional services.

Hair removal by laser and Intense Pulse Light is among the most sought-after treatments for hair removal in Croatia. The advanced technology in Croatia facilitates long-lasting results with these methods than other treatments. Both of these methods work similarly and are highly effective. Its value addition to preventing hair re-growth is limiting the growth speed of the remaining hairs and hair thickness significantly. IPL and laser removal are known to be successful with several clients. You must identify which of these methods is befitting for you for the best outcome. It is essential to know the differences between the two methods.

In this article we provide all you need to know about Laser hair removal treatments in Croatia.

What is the Distinction Between Hair Removal by Laser and IPL?

The primary difference between the two methods is the type of light it utilises during the procedure. Intense Pulse Light requires a broadband pulsed light source whereas Laser uses a monochromatic coherent light source. The goal is to target and reach the hair follicle melanin for permanent results. Professional laser treatment is a selective procedure requiring high energy to focus on the hair follicle than on the surrounding skin. This selective nature yields fast results and is more suitable for patients with darker skin tones. The determining factors for the efficacy of the treatment are energy, frequency, and hair colour. The light source, be it a laser or an intense pulsed flashlight, plays a minor role.

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Which method is the best hair removal method?

There is no general answer to which of these methods is the best. The most suitable one depends on an individual needs and preferences. Individuals with dark hair may opt for laser removal while those with light hair may consider the Intense Pulse Light. As mentioned before, the primary difference is the light source during the procedure. The Intense Pulse light may not be as effective and require you to undergo several sessions to achieve permanent hair removal. The laser treatment is often fast and effective. One session with a laser can result in a reduction of 60% in hair growth. This is already a significantly high percentage.

How does IPL in Croatia for Hair Removal Work?

Intense Pulsed Light uses extensive and visible light as its source. This light has specific features that remove shorter wavelengths and targets particular structures. During the hair removal procedure, it targets the strand's melanin pigment while in other procedures, such as spider veins treatment, the light targets the haemoglobin in the blood. Hair absorbs light energy and receives warmth from its heat energy. This warmth damages the hair follicle.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser removal in Croatia is similar to Intense Pulse Lighting by utilising light energy ability to heat hair and damage the follicles. It differs from IPL by utilising specific features of the laser. Lasers are highly precise, focus on a particular area, advance a long depth, and do not extend like a light. They also produce beams consisting of one colour of light. These are the unique characteristics that are beneficial during laser hair removal. A laser can go further down into the pore with an intensive light directed towards the follicle. It is highly efficient in specific treatments.

What are the Advantages Of using IPL Hair Removal?

The Intense Pulse Light method consists of an extensive light spectrum that spreads out. The devices with this method cover a larger area than using laser devices in hair removal. This results in faster treatment times as larger areas receive treatment at once. Additionally, the method is favourably more affordable. Its main demerit is that you require more sessions to achieve similar results.

The broad spectrum of light translates to more use cases in this method. One can receive treatment for a variety of skin conditions. It can also complement different hair and skin types in the same treatment by specific alteration. For example, there is the development of a variation of the method known as Variable Pulsed Light (VPL). The method allows its users to adjust light pulse surroundings to befit the type of hair and skin to treat.

Developers recognise various skin tones require various conditions for removing light-based hair while thick bikini hair line has varying treatments to a thinner arm hair.

The following is a summary of the advantages of Intense Pulse Light hair removal treatments:

  • The method is regarded as completely safe for hair removal
  • It has fast and convenient treatment times
  • It effectively reduces hair growth
  • It accommodates every skin type

What are the Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers are known for their precision where laser removal devices concentrate light into the skin pores. This ensures that its proximity to the follicle facilitates treatment and avoids regrowth. The laser ability achieves faster results than Intense Pulsed Light as single hairs are heated faster to cause damage. The method is highly effective and requires fewer treatments to remove hair to achieve similar results.

The specific and focused nature of lasers is more suitable for individuals with darker skin than paler as darker skin absorbs more light. The level of melanin pigmentation is similar to darker hair absorbing more light than pale hair. This nature of darker skin risks it overheating when exposed. The laser focus on smaller areas of light indicating its suitability in the treatment of darker skins as they significantly minimise burning risk compared to Intense Pulsed Light. However, there are some Intense Pulsed Light systems suitable for darker skin.

The following is a summary of the advantages of laser hair removal treatments:

  • The method assists in avoiding ingrown hairs
  • After the procedure, your skin is softer than before
  • There are no scars or painful side effects associated with the method
  • The method has long-lasting results
  • Users of this method can shave between sessions
    method can shave

How Effective is Laser Hair Removal Procedures in Croatia?

Hair removal Croatia reports over 90% of patients opting for laser treatment to have effective hair loss after at least 6 sessions. Other users report seeing results after 3 sessions. The method, however, is not suitable for the surrounding areas of the eye including, the eyebrows and eyelids as it may cause severe injury to the eyes.

There are also rare reports of the treatment causing skin texture changes with blisters, scars, and crusts. Users with darker skin also report having excess hair growth and the presence of gray hair after treatment. Majority of patients that undergo the treatment have irritated skin and altered pigments. It is essential to note that the after-effects of the treatment vary on your hair colour, treatment plan, skin type, and compliance with the medical staff's instructions on care before and after treatment.

What are the potential side effects in IPL And Laser Hair Removal?

They have similar side effects. Patients can expect skin irritation that causes redness, swelling, itchiness, or tender skin. However, this particular side effect does not last longer than a day. You are to treat the skin irritation similar to a sunburn. It is essential to keep it moisturised.

Patients exposed to sunlight experience high skin sensitivity with both methods. Ensure that your skin has sufficient sun protection before and after the procedure. The procedure causes the skin to be more delicate. You must avoid scratching your skin and ensure it is clean to prevent infection.

What is the expected stay duration in Croatia for treatment with Laser Hair Removal?

Hair removal laser in Croatia is common for smaller areas of your body, such as the upper lip. The procedure takes only a few minutes. Larger sections, including hairs on your back, require more time and can take up to an hour or more. Once you complete the procedure, the medical staff issue you with items to lessen discomfort. Some include anti-inflammatory cream and ice packs. You are free to leave the medical facility after the treatment. This procedure does not require stitches.

Your hair and skin type determine the number of treatments with this method. The number of treatments determines your stay for hair laser removal in Croatia.

How much time is required to recover after Laser Hair Removal in Croatia?

The treated area may seem sunburnt for the initial two days after treatment. Patients are advised to apply a moisturiser to the affected area to lessen discomfort. Patients who undergo face treatment cannot wear makeup if their skin is blistering.

Notable differences occur from 2 to 3 weeks. Your next scheduled treatment can be after 4 to 6 weeks. Patients must keep undergoing treatment until hair growth halts. It takes 8 to 12 treatments to achieve complete results.

What to Expect After The Treatment?

After your laser or IPL in Croatia, you must avoid sun exposure. Hair removal clinics recommend wearing sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher. Those who may be exposed to the sun require to wear protective clothing.

Patients must avoid hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms. These can irritate the skin.

You must be aware that after treatment, you may feel you have more hair as the treatment causes the hair to shed from the follicle.

It can take around 10 days for all the hair to fall out and result in hair growth reduction. You require several sessions for complete hair removal results.

Hair Removal clinics in Croatia recommend an annual session to maintain the acquired results.

Hair removal by laser and IPL in Croatia may require sessions after 3 weeks or 3 months, depending on the particular area.

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